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Post in Dry Skin

So tired of trying to find "it"...

I am aging. I know this. I am losing weight. Those two things combined generally are not good. However, trying to find the right cleanser/moisturizer combo has ruined my skin. I don't just flake/peel, I molt. I don't heal very quickly so it's not unusual to have chunks of skin coming off of my face by the end of the day. I keep thinking that sooner or later, the peeling has to stop or I'm going to run out of skin! Honestly, if I'd known losing weight was going to produce this many wrinkles/dry patches that call for this much care, I would've stayed fat. That's how bad this is.


I started using SK-II - love the face lift emulsion (I think is what's it's called). The cleanser was really good until I got to the bottom of the tube and it got all runny & watery and burned my face. The Essence is okay but not $100-worth of special. I love Laura Mercier products and I'm trying her oil cleanser now. Just got a trial size of the Josie Maran Infinity cream and it is incredibly soothing to the cracks beside my mouth. We'll see how it lasts.


For the record, I have been through Obagi, Perricone and SK-II (and countless freebies with my Sephora orders). I don't know what "it" is, but it's not Origins, Fresh or Algenist. They are all either too wimpy to do any good for my wrinkles or too strong and peel my face off. I also use a Clarisonic. Once upon a time, I had nice skin. I think I'm just going to take a break after tax season (I'm an accountant) and take about a week off to not wear anything on my face at all!


And furthermore for the record, Dior Nude and Urban Decay Naked Skin both cover this crud on my face really, really well, but I'd rather look a little more natural if at all possible rather than caking it on.


Grace & Peace,


Re: So tired of trying to find "it"...

Just a quick update.  I've been two days off "the stuff".  All I've been using is Laura Mercier oil cleanser (forget the name) and Josie Maran Infinity cream - both very mild.  Definitely clearing up.  Going to have to return the SK-II.  I guess using the full line is just too much for me. 


Grace & Peace, y'all!

Re: So tired of trying to find "it"...

@HMNewbie- When I read over your post Iast I missed the fact that you were using Obagi. I used Obagi in the past when I had stopped tanning to help rejuvinate my skin because it was in such bad shape from tanning. I peeled like a reptile for about 3 weeks. That's what's going on with you. Stop everything but the Obagi and just give it time. I promise you will wake up one morning and your skin will look amazing. Hope this helps!

Re: So tired of trying to find "it"...

I always say that my fat fills in my wrinkles and that's why I look so young, at least people say I look young.  I'm afraid that if I lose weight my face will sag and I'll look like a droopy raisin.  I really hope you find something that helps! Good luck! Smiley Happy

Re: So tired of trying to find "it"...

Thanks all for the feedback.  Let's see if i can answer everybody! 


1) No, weight loss doesn't cause peeling, but when you've lost almost 70 pounds (and heading for 100!), one of the first things you lose is firmness in your face and wrinkles start to show.  Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle stuff I think is the problem. 


2) No, I don't pick at it.  Granted, when I go to the ladies room and it's hanging from the side of my mouth or sticking out from my face, yes, I get it off and touch up with make-up.


3) There is some redness, but it's not like eczema (my daughter has that so I know what it looks like).  It's like when your skin peels and leaves a bright pink new skin underneath - which is why at first, I thought these products were doing me good.  However,the more I fight it, the worse it gets.  I need to just take a step back.


4) I do use Clarisonic daily but on the light setting.  I think you're right about stepping back from that, too.


5) I usually try a product for at least a couple of weeks, sometimes longer, unless it absolutely kills me.


Honestly, last night I used Laura Mercier oil cleanser and the first thing I noticed was that my face wasn't dry and tight.  It felt soooo good.  I did use the Josie Maran infinity cream before bed and I think the spots look better this morning(?).  Then I used Laura Mercier again this morning. 


There's a question for y'all.  When I started Obagi - which I had to go to the dermatologist to get - I was told to wash my face twice per day.  I've been doing this for months and it doesn't seem to be a bad thing, but now I'm wondering....  Is that too much?


I'm also wondering if SK-II is just wrong for my skin.  After a couple of weeks of the emulsion, I decided to try the rest of it (cleanser, essence, eye cream).  That's really when I started to notice a problem I couldn't control.  However, I still have the healing process to go and I still need to find something really gentle for that.  Darn pale/sensitive skin!


Thanks so much for your feedback.  April 16th, I start a 6-day make-up fast.  Wish me luck!

Re: So tired of trying to find "it"...

Definitely cut back on Clarasonics. I know what you mean about wrinkles/dryness and weight loss cuz I've got a mild case of it. Are you super sensitive to retinol? I know a friend who lost ton of weight due to sickness and she swears that Peter Thomas Roth retinol PM and the rest of the line helped sculpt her face back in shape.


Make up fast also helps, lol, altho in my case it's more like I only wear make up 1 day/week. Good luck and feel free to come back and let us know what worked/didn't work for you!

Re: So tired of trying to find "it"...

I have to agree with some of the other ladies. You might be doing too much. Cut back on the clarisonic to 2-3x a week. Check the ingredients of the products you are using. When starting a new regimine of a wrinkle or acne treatment, start off slow. 2-3x a week and gradually build up until you can tolerate it. I'm assuming the Obagi cleanser you have is the glycolic wash one? It's strong! I don't think many can handle it 2x a day without building up to it first. I made this mistake a few years ago with retin-a. I applied it every night to my trouble spots, no moisturizer over it (I wanted to zap my milia) and did this for 2 weeks straight until my skin started to peel in patches. 

Dryness can cause wrinkles, so get the dryness under control before thinking about the anti-aging creams & serums. 

Everyone's skin is different when it comes to cleansing. I know some have to wash their face 2x a day, others do not. If you are, make sure they are gentle cleansers. 

Try that Ole Henriksen mask I mentioned below. It gives instant results.

During your makeup fast I would also cut down on the products you use. Maybe also stay away from the clarisonic that week. 

Congrats on loosing weight & switching to healthier lifestyle. It's not easy & takes hard work. Don't let the dry skin discourage you from reaching your goal! 

Re: So tired of trying to find "it"...

I'm wondering the same thing as drragon, is your problem accompanied by redness or irritation? Do you have a habit of picking at your skin on your face? And also did you notice when your skin started peeling like it is?

Re: So tired of trying to find "it"...

I don't think flaking/peeling is a normal result of either aging or weight loss, is it?  Is that accompanied by any irritation or redness?  When you switch between different products, how long do you try one before switching to another?  How often are you using your Clarisonic?  Sometimes overuse can cause irritation to your skin.


I do think taking a week off to not wear anything at all sounds like a pretty good idea at this point.  But at the very least during that week off I would recommend moisturizing with something completely inert and safe especially for dry or irritated skin, CeraVe Facial Moisturizer PM.  Consider using that during your week off to see if it helps your skin be less confused.  It actually does have some great anti-aging ingredients in it like ceramides, niacinamide to help strengthen skin, and hyaluronic acid which is a humectant that helps keep your skin better moisturized.



Re: So tired of trying to find "it"...

Oh gosh I hope it gets better soon! I'm assuming you're already increasing your water intake, but I have a few suggestions that "might" help, I hope ;( 

- Clarins gentle foaming cleanser. It's really milk and hydrating. I used it one winter when doing microderm & retinol

- FAB Ultra repair cream. I haven't used it on my face, but I do keep a tube in my purse to use as a hand cream & it works well. 

- Not sold at Sephora, but Skinceuticals pore minimizing moisturizer is rich and thick. I used to slather it on as a mask to help heal post microderm

- I had a sample of clinique moisture surge (the gel) and would think about purchasing if I had dry patches again

- Ole Henriksen Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask. It's a hydrating mask that chemically exfoliates. 

- Amore Pacific treatment enzyme peel as an AM wash. It's non abrasive, the once you add water to the powder it turns to a lather. I think it's a 100 pt perk right now 

And rememver to stay away from products that have alcohol. 

I wish you luck! <3 

Re: So tired of trying to find "it"...

Aww, that sounds terrible! Hmm, that nixed half of the things I can recommend. The anti-aging skincare that my mom found effective are:

- L'occitane Immortelle night cream. I'm not sure if it's hydrating enough for you, but it's definitely good for serious wrinkles (more effective than Origins that we've tried...Caudalie is also great and similar, but I *think* their anti-aging line is on the lighter side). 

- Shiseido WrinkleResist on the scientific side. We have oily skin and used the lotion/emulsion, but the cream of the line should be just as great. Murad Resurgence is also great for wrinkles, but if you find Perricone/Algenist too strong, this might not be the one for you.


That's all I can think of on the anti-aging side. If they worked for your wrinkles but are just not hydrating enough, you can add in some facial oil to your regimen (Argan oil or Nude ProGenius) instead of or in addition to your moisturizer.


Hope that helps and good luck!

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