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Post in Dry Skin

Skin struggle

Does anyone know how to get rid of dry skin permanently? I’m struggling to maintain and do prevention care but I need the right products in which are cruelty free and natural. Anyone willing to recommend a regimen that glows and hydrates my skin 24/7😩

Re: Skin struggle

Hi @Nanxyrr ! I have a few questions:


  1. What's your current skincare routine (brands + product names)? 
  2. Does your skin seem fine for an hour or two after you've done your skincare routine, but then feels dryer as the day wears on? Or does your skin feel dry right after your skincare routine? 
  3. When you say your skin's dry, do you mean you have flaky dry patches, scaly skin, excessive tightness, or a combo of those symptoms, or something else? 
  4. Have you ever seen a dermatologist about your chronically dry skin, in case you have a specific skin condition that may need special care? 


I have mostly-dry combo skin that gets dehydrated if I slack on my skincare routine. Three things that help my skin are using a gentle hydrating cleanser at night (and an even gentler cream cleanser in the morning, if I wash my face at all in the AM; some mornings I skip washing and just gently wipe my face down with a wet microfiber cloth), keeping my skin damp throughout my routine, and having a good dermatologist. I don't want to recommend products without knowing what you currently use. 🙂 

Re: Skin struggle

Yes I try to keep my products and skincare routine as natural as possible. Staying hydrated and healthy.

what I’ve seen that works for me is


1) Cera ve gentle face wash am and pm. 

Occasionally I’ll skip Am but that’s when it’s hydrated hydrated. 

2) then after washing, if it’s Am I apply moisturizer and sunscreen and Call it a day. It’s the evening, I wash, apply my hydraulic serum and then moisturizer.


3. i then use the facial roller to gently massage my face all around daily. This is my way of preventing any breakouts from happening but sometimes I just wished it was more glowy. 

maybe im missing something 👀 

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