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Post in Dry Skin

Skin looks so dry after only a couple hours of makeup

I am 35 and do not have too many wrinkles or fine lines yet and I would not even say I have overly dry skin on my face either; I have always had more combination skin with it just being dryer in some areas. Into my 30s, I started having this weird problem with my skin looking absolutely gross after only an hour or two of wearing makeup, and it seems to really get bad at my office in particular. My whole face just looks DRY. I do not mean I just have some foundation settling into fine lines - I mean my whole face looks like I did not even apply moisturizer and my foundation is starting to sit on top of pores. 

I have switched moisturizers, foundations, primers, setting sprays, everything TONS of times. Nothing helps this issue. At first I thought it was my moisturizer (I was using one with SPF which I thought was causing some kind of separation issue with my foundation, so I stopped using it). Then when that didn’t help, I switched my foundation several times, but it does it with every foundation I use. I thought maybe it could be a reaction between my foundation and primer, but I have switched both of those up many times. When I am not wearing foundation, I do not have any issues feeling like my skin is parched. All of the products I use now are for dry skin to try and combat this problem – I use a heavy moisturizer under all my makeup, I try foundations for dry skin, primers for dry skin, a dewy skin setting spray, etc. 

All I can say is that when I first apply my makeup, it looks nice and dewy, my skin looks great. Then I look in the mirror a couple hours later and it looks like all the moisture has been sucked out of my skin.

My question is, what else can I do besides everything I am already doing to retain moisture in my skin during the day without removing my makeup? I can’t change my office air, sadly! I have a regular skincare routine at home - I exfoliate regularly, I use face masks and apply moisturizer before bed, etc. 

Re: Skin looks so dry after only a couple hours of makeup

@carnivalnights I have struggled with this too! I use so many hydrating and exfoliating products, but like you, I noticed that when I am in the office it would start to break up and look really dry. I tried to combat it by switching up my skincare, but what has really worked for me is cocktailing my foundation. I use

DIOR - BACKSTAGE Face & Body Primer and mix some 

DRUNK ELEPHANT - Virgin Marula Antioxidant Face Oiland

KEVYN AUCOIN - The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting Highlighter.

Ever since I have used this mix, my foundation has stayed smooth throughout my office day. 

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