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Post in Dry Skin

Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

Help!!!!  I'm looking for an easy skincare routine for my mom who is in her early 70's.  Her skin has always been on the drier side, however for the past few years it has become drier and slightly flaky in patches.  I know that the change in her skin tone is related to medication that she is taking for her dementia as well as residual changes from chemotherapy that she underwent about 3 years ago.  I have oily skin so I am totally out of my element trying to pick out something for her.  She had been using  and Philosophy Purity and Hope in a Jar, but really doesn't like either of these products too much.  Any suggestions for a good cleanser, moisturizer and serum or spot treatment?  Anything more is too much for her to do on a daily basis.

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

 i'm 75 years young with rosacea and very sensitive skin.  i use Dr. Schrammek (see SCHRAMMEK website) super soft cleanser and Schrammek sensiderm moisturizer.  I have been using same for several years and despite the rosacea, my skin looks good (no wrinkles or dryness.  your mom must use the moisturizer morning and evening, and if her skin is that dry, she can wash in evening only.  the products are expensive but worth the price.  if she can't afford them, use either cetaphil or aveeno facial wash and aquaphor (yes, the same one that's used for diaper rash) as a moisturizer.

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

I love the fact that you are 75 years young and you are posting on Beauty Talk that's a great thing. Heart

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

Aquaphor was her saviour when she went through chemo.  It was the only thing that helped with the sever dry patches on her skin as well as how awfully dry her hands were from all the washing and antibacterial gel.


I'll check them out.

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

I would suggest that she look at:


Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser

Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil or Algenist reconstructing serum

Algenist Regenerative anti-aging moisturizer

 And later if she wants to add a night cream should could also look at Algenist Restorative overnight cream.


The other lines she could look at would  Dior Capture Total One Line of products and if she decides she likes those let me know and I'll help her pick from those.


Hope this helps!

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

This was one of the brands I had started to research.  Glad I was on the right track. Smiley Happy

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

It's awesome that you've posted Sandalion, and your advice is really appreciated!

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

Korres has a Greek Yogurt line of hydrating skincare products that are fairly reasonable priced.  They are too rich for my oily/combination skin, but felt wonderful on my skin.  They are not anti-aging but there are other products (serums) in their line that are.  The Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial has great reviews.  They might be worth a try.

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

And she doesn't wear make-up? I'd go with cleansing towelettes (I like Sephora brand) and something like Josie Maran sunscreen/moisturizer. It comes in a pump bottle so you don't have to worry about jars. Add an oil underneath when necessary. If you want a wash-off cleanser, Clinique's liquid is good. I'm in my late 50's and personally I believe less is more now!

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

At most she'll wear a tinted moisturizer, which is pretty rare.  Even while I was growing up she only wore makeup on special occasions.  Not sure where my love of everything beauty came from. 

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

Hello:  I suggest that you look into the Michael Todd true organics line. I have very dry mature skin and the cleanser, serum and moisturizer have been very kind to my skin. They have small kits so you can try the products before purchasing the full size products.  The products are reasonably priced and they have frequent sales.  Hope this helps!

Re: Skin Care for Dry/Aging Skin

I heard that a good routine for dry skin is a simple, two-step of oil cleanser followed by moisturizing oil. Sephora offers many great options for both.

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