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Senstive Skin - milia

I have dry sensitive skin with not a lot of break outs. However I do have those white dots under my eyes (not pimples; they are always there). I've tried clinque products but it seem to just dry my skin out. I've also tried boscia which made me break out. I don't have a lot of money but want to take care of my skin/pores. Right now I'm using aveeno face wash/lotion which does fairly well but isn't helping with the white dots/bumps any. I'm looking for suggestions for general care as well as good items for dark circles.

Re: Senstive Skin - milia

The best solution to your dry skin is PURE ARGAN OIL. I apply a tad bit of it before i apply my moisturizer (morning and night) and that works wonders. Recently I've switched my moisturizer to the Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40 which to me is the combination of my previous routine. As far as the milia, I get that alot around my jawline but since i started using the clarisonic, i dont get them anymore. A cheaper alternative to the clarisonic are face complexion brushes which are $6.00. I used those before I finally invested in a clarisonic. hope this helps... 

Re: Senstive Skin - milia

I've had a problem with milia begining in my early 20's and I'm 30 now.  I goto the dermatologist about 1-2x a year.  The problem first is not exfoliating enough and then it gets clogged.  Another great way to get proper exfoliation without the abrasiveness of exfoliant beads (no matter how small the beads are), is to use a cleanser or product with glycolic acid.  Although it's not sold on Sephora, Jan Marini bioglycolic cleanser is great.  It's about $29/bottle but if you sign up on dermstore you can get $10 of first purchase and get free shipping.  The cleanser lasts me about a year and I only use it 2-3 times a week.  I've used eye creams and this unfortunately worsens the problem, Try and stay away from eye creams for awhile.  Every time I try a new eye cream, new milia pop up!  I've tried so many brands, clinique, lancome, even derm/doctor's products, and they all cause more milia!  You will def see a difference once you stop using any heavy cream.  I would also add an exfoliant to your regimen.  On days that I do not use the bioglycolic cleanser, I try and exfoliate, I use Clinique 7 day scrub, I've used Aveeno, Estee lauder, anything helps really.  If your skin is dry, try using an oil instead of a heavy cream.  I've been battling milia for the past 6-8 years now so I completely understand.  Once you exfoliate properly sometimes the white stuff comes out on its own with just a little pressure. Do not ever try and get it out on your own and do not get an spa/esthetician to remove!  It hurts and they make it worse.  My derm said it's far underneath the skin and it's best to just try and exfoliate and strip that area over time so that it comes out.  It's amazing when it finally comes out on its own just with a little pressure.  Hope this helps!  Less eye cream/hevay creams, means saving money! Just invest in a good exfoliant and cleanser and try glycolic acid! Good luck!

Re: Senstive Skin - milia

On the inexpensive/drugstore side, Neutrogena is a solid all around brand. Boots no.7 range of skincare are great (I like their Protect & Perfect line). I want to recommend Yes to Carrots and Boots Botanics, but since Boscia give you breakouts...maybe not, or read the ingredients thoroughly.


That was general care. For bumps you want exfoliation (physical like scrubs or chemical like enzyme/acid) and moisturize with something hydrating but not super rich/protective/sits on the skin. I think dark circle is a litte fuzzy and most rely on make up-ish things like tint or "light diffusing" particles. If it's not too bad, many people like Origins GenZing eye cream for dark circles.

Re: Senstive Skin - milia

I want to say the Yes to Blueberries line has some eye products to target dark circles too!

Re: Senstive Skin - milia

If it's located around your eye, avoid scrubs that have harsh physical particles as the skin around your eye is super delicate.


Ole Heriksen's Truth is in the Eyes gel has fruit enzymes to break down dead skin trapped at the surface and under to help remove and get rid of dead skin build up. Tap a small amount of gel under each eye. The fruit enzymes also help to brighten as well, plus the vitamin C with also contribute to this!

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