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Saturday Morning Question: Body Moisturizers

Good morning! I just have one question for you guys today:


Does your body moisturizer have Glycolic in it, if so what is it? 


I love Perricone cold plasma body, but it's soooo expensive for a moisturizer. IMO, I really don't think it's worth the money. I've been on a hunt for a moisturizer to replace it. I tried Dermdoctor KP duty, but it's a touch too greasy for my liking. Any others out there? 

Re: Saturday Morning Question: Body Moisturizers

amLactin is good. You can find it in drugstores. It is very moisturizing and exfoliating. It doesn't have a fragrance (which is good) so you have to put up with a "band-aid" like smell until it dries, but then it's fine. I highly recommend it!

Re: Saturday Morning Question: Body Moisturizers

Thanks. Dermstore has it so I added it to my favorites for my next purchase. $15.99 for 8oz sounds a lot better than the Perricone price Smiley Tongue 

Re: Saturday Morning Question: Body Moisturizers

I think you will like it! i got it for my son who has awful KP, but I like it too...super soft skin! There is a stronger version called Lac Hydrin with  a higher percentage of acids, and it is found behind the the pharmacy but non prescription. I tried that before I knew about am lactin, and the AL is just fine and less expensive. the LH was about 25 dollars, as i recall. I hope this helps!

Re: Saturday Morning Question: Body Moisturizers

THe Lac Hydrin looks to be more of a hand/foot cream. 

I ran out of foot cream one night & used KP Duty on instead. WOW did I wake up with soft feet! 

I was in CVS yesterday & didn't see the amLactin, so I'll just have to wait until my next dermstore order to get it. 

You'd think more moisturizers would have Glycolic, or advertise that they do. I'm pretty good at internet investigation, but I'm stumped on this one Smiley Sad 

Re: Saturday Morning Question: Body Moisturizers

Try M.D. Forte Hand and Body Cream, 20 percent glycolic cream, works wonders for my KP on my upper arms. The skin store dot com has a sale code fab20 .

Re: Saturday Morning Question: Body Moisturizers

awesome Dermstore also has 20% off right now.

I like the sound of 20% glycolic Smiley Tongue 

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