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Post in Dry Skin

Ridiculously dry skin

I am a 29 years old female East African. I have ridiculously dry skin and it only gets worse in the winter. I have tried to everything from Clinique, Murad C & Pomegranate, Dr. Hauschka, Ole Henriksen, DDF, and many more and none of these seem to work very well.  It will work for about 3 weeks and my face starts feeling tight & flaking off again.  I clean & exfoliate regularly.  I rarely wear makeup.  I have very few breakouts. I drink plenty of water.  My skin seems to be okay otherwise … just very dry.  Currently the only thing that is working for me now is a good old Vaseline petroleum jelly. It works really well but I feel like I need something that will benefit my skin in the future. Pleaseee help … I need heavy duty moisturizer!

I had a similiar problem. I started using Grape Seed Oil...

I had a similiar problem. I started using Grape Seed Oil during my night time routine. I do that about 3 times a week. I also switched to Boscia products which are awesome for dry skin. Try the Resorative Day Cream and the Intensifying Moisture Pak +. I use it as a mask twice a week and it's been working numbers. I also always do a night cream. I've had success with Boscia's Restorative Night Moisture Cream, but for the dead of winter when my skin is gross dry, I use Mario Badescu Caviar Night Cream which you can get at Nordstrom or online. It's very rich and creamy and in the morning, your skin has that dewy look and feell. I hope some of this works for you! 

Try Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. I received from the Keihl...

Try Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. I received from the Keihl's In Ceasar's Palace (vegas) during winter break and it was amazing! I highly recommend!

Try treating it from within!  Increase the healthy fats y...

Try treating it from within!  Increase the healthy fats you eat, think salmon, nuts, & olive oil, and increase the amount of fruits and veggies you eat.  Eating a balanced diet can be a big help to your skin.  It's great that youre drinking lots of water- keep it up!  When my skin gets dry I will put on argan oil after i wash my face and then top it off with cream. Also, you should avoid hot water on your face, it makes dryness worse. 

Try not exfoliating for a month, try a very gentle cleans...

Try not exfoliating for a month, try a very gentle cleanser like Purpose found at any drugstore.  Skip anything with alcohol in it like toner.  For a good lotion try First Aid Beauty ointment, it's similar to a thick vaseline but it has ingredients that penetrate skin to moisture and heal.  I also like to add vitamin e oil to my lotion at night for extra healing and moisture.

Likewise, I had the problem of not being able to find the...

Likewise, I had the problem of not being able to find the right moisturizer.  As much as I would love to have a one product answer, it's not always that simple.  In my case, moisturizer alone is not enough, especially in the dry winters.


As another poster mentioned, exfoliation can dry out the skin if used too much.  Drier skin types can get away with exfoliation once or twice a week at most.  Avoid anything beady or that has larger particles in it.  One mask recommendation is from REN:  Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask.  Or if on a budget, a DIY oatmeal mask is a great and gentle exfoliator that can be made with inexpensive ingredients found at home. 


Honestly, if Vaseline does a good job at being a moisturizer, keep using it.  If it works for you and cause little to no problems, there is no need to change it.  Keeping skin well hydrated is always beneficial. 


You may also want to consider adding a serum into your routine.  These are more concentrated products designed to target specific problems, wants, or needs.  In your case, either one for additional hydration or anti-aging properties.  Serums are also finicky:  what may work for you may not work for others.  I highly recommend sampling when possible because these can have some steep price tags attached to them.  A serum is used after toner (optional) and before applying moisturizer. 


Another item you may want to keep around is a facial mist.  Great for a little pick me up throughout the day.


Lastly, food habits are a great way to balance hydration.  Try to intake good skin foods (omega3s, blueberries, etc), drink plenty of water.  Consume less of sugary foods and drinks.   These can be dehydrating for the skin. 


Hope this helps. 

Oh and on a side note - you mentioned you exfoliated regu...

Oh and on a side note - you mentioned you exfoliated regularly. Is it possible you're over exfoliating and irritating your skin?  I had a problem with my chin flaking all the time. I couldn't get rid of it at all. I purchased a Clarisonic and use it in the shower to clean my face, my flaky chin was perfect in a week and hasn't returned. I honestly think I was using an exfoilator that was causing the problem, or it was too harsh and too often.  Any thoughts? 

Sister, I feel ya!  I'm the same way!!!!  I'm to the poin...

Sister, I feel ya!  I'm the same way!!!!  I'm to the point where my skin used to break open at joints (knuckles, elbows, ect) and bleed!


The saving grace - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (cold pressed, as pure as you can find).


Seriously, I know it sounds scary, but trust me on this one.  I don't have sensitive skin, but I do get brake outs on occasion. Olive oil has NOT caused any side effects to my body or face. I use it daily and it's the ONLY thing that keeps my skin from looking like an alligator. 


After I'm done showering (but still in the shower, wet,  before I towel off), I slather OO all over my body - being wet helps easily spread it all over - I massage it into my skin pretty well, then I lightly pat myself dry. This will keep my skin hydrated all day. I used to have to apply moisturizer to my body three times a day.  What a PAIN, I actually had to undress to reapply!!  Not anymore. 


I also use it on my face, neck, ect - I use it nightly.  After I clean my face, I apply it while my face is not wet, but damp.  In the morning, I just use my normal moisturizer, eye creams, ect. I only use OO on my face at night.   It has transformed the appearance of my skin. 


You will notice a slight odor when you use it, but it only lasts a few minutes then goes away.   Again, I stress - Do not be afraid to use an oil.  OO is all natural and the molecules are too large to clog your pores.  I've been using this method for about two years now, and it hasn't failed me yet. 


One warning - Be careful getting in and out of the shower, it's like an ice rink with OO all over the shower floor.


Try it, hope it helps! 

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