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Product Choice

Hi everyone, I'm a bit new to this...but I have gone too long now without properly attending to my skin, so I need HELP.


I have VERY sensitive skin. Like any amount of make-up I will usually break out. I also have bad dry skin on my forehead and upper cheeks, however my skin is a bit oily in the nose/chin area. The rest is somewhat dry/combination, and can be very acne prone. Nothing huge, and I constantly have small whiteheads on my face, and plenty of blackheads on my nose. My skin is also very uneven in tone, really red cheeks, but really pale under the eyes. My friends and family are constantly pointing these spots out to me, and I'm sick of it, I just want normal skin for once!


Does anyone have any suggestions for some products I should try out? I've tried cream cleansers, toners, scrubs/exfoliators, moisturizers, etc, but NOTHING works. I'm running out of options.

Re: Product Choice

Hey everyone, thanks for the replies. Just wanted to point out that a) I'm 22 if that helps, and b) I live in Canada, so some products are not available to me.

Re: Product Choice

I'm not going to bombard you with different brands, because I'm sure others will give you wonderful suggestions, but be wary of your age and what products would work best. If someone suggests you a product, be sure to look at the reviews for them. Are the majority of the reviewers the same age as you? How similar in skin type are they to yours? If you have sensitive skin, I would stay away from scrubs because they can spread the breakouts. I would also suggest finding a SPF product that won't give you that white cast that some sunscreens have because not only does it take awhile to absorb, but it'll be a pain to get off, since you're avoiding scrubs. I would suggest chemical exfoliation. Look for ingredients with lactic acid in the products, whether it be a mask of serum. I would also suggest getting samples but not using all samples at once, because that could overwhelm your sensitive skin. Since you have combination skin, if the product is meant for dry skin, use it on your dry areas. If the product is meant for oily skin, apply it on your oily areas. Don't use only that product on your whole face if it makes it worse. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Product Choice

OMG, We literally are skin twins! About a year ago I started using Ultra repair cream by FAB and it does wonders for my dry skin (without breaking me out, it's formulated for sensitive skin. They also have a face wash). For my breakouts (mostly on my chin area) I use Peter Thomas roth acne spot treatment. It has sulfur in it. It is my miracle product. If I put it on at night it usually is gone wayyy down by the next morning. Without drying out the area. Or if I think i'm starting to think l may feel a pimple coming in I'll put some of the spot treatment on and it won't ever come in! I also just recently bought a clarisonic and its helped with evening my tone but it's a little too early on to see any other differences.  I've heard really good things about the origins checks and balances cleanser (for combo skin) although I have yet to try it out for myself. Good luck!

Re: Product Choice

Try the ole henriksen aloe vera deep cleanser, followed with ole henriksen's grease-relief face tonic

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