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Please Help...I'm too young for these wrinkles

Hey there!! I need some help please!! I am 45 years old and my face, especially around my mouth has really wrinkled. I have done the microderm home scrub and moisturized but it just seems like initially my face looks alive after the microderm but that is short lived. The moisturizer just seems to sit on top of my face. I buy the expensive treatments and nothing seems to work.  The wrinkles are getting deep and my skin seems to be getting looser.  I am getting very self conscious about this. When I put on my foundation the wrinkles look worse. I also I have freckles along with sun spots from living on the beach. I drink water all day long and still my skin is so dry. I am desperate for the cure all if anyone has that!

Re: Please Help...I'm too young for these wrinkles

@KerriG- After you go and have all of this done and you get a structured skin care routine it will be alot better but also you have to stay out of the sun or nothing will help.

Re: Please Help...I'm too young for these wrinkles

From being in the sun so much I'm sure you have alot of sun damage. About the only thing that is going to get you where your need to be is going and having a professional peel done and microderm abrasion by a professional. I suggest the Obagi line of products, you can only get them from a professional esthetician or a dermatologist. I suggest you do these things because you will waste as much money or more on OTC products and then end up going to a professional anyway. I'm speaking from experience been there and done that. Hope this helps!

Re: Please Help...I'm too young for these wrinkles

I was afraid of that but you are right.  This is probably the best way to begin.  I sure would love to have that perfect skin again.  Thanks!

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