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Post in Dry Skin

Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000

Is there anything better for dry skin than PTR VIZ-1000 without getting into the oils. Thanks. 

Re: Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000

Thanks everyone. I bought the Kate Sommervile and I am loving it. Much more moisturizing than the Peter Thomas Roth. 

Re: Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000

Hi kdr8490, I agree with KeelyBT's suggestion- Quench is an amazing serum for dehydrated skin types without being an oil or having that oily slick finish.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000

Hi Kdr8490 One of the most hydrating serums I've tried is Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Face Serum.  It instantly hydrates and locks in moisture.


Re: Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000

Hmm, I'm not sure about hydrating serums, but I know the most hydrating, rich but not heavy/oily cream I've used is Algenist Overnight. It looks like a balm but melt into a soft cream that absorbs easily as soon as it comes in contact with body heat.


Good luck!

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