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Post in Dry Skin

Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

I am looking for some skin care products to help with my dry, sensitive skin (I have eczema). I am also prone to blocked pores if the formula is to thick and doesn't absorb well. I have my daytime moisturizer with SPF squared away, so this would be more for nighttime/weekend use.


I tried the High Potency Night-A-Mins™ Mineral-Enriched Renewal and it didn't work for me. My skin never got moisturized, but would end up greasy and has started breaking out.


Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

Since I added the Kiehl`s overnight recovery oil (I use it night and day during winter though, not only overnight), and the Ole Henriksen Truth serum to my daily routine, my `stress-eczema` that I usually get on my chin has disappeared, and my tight, dry skin has turned into supple, soft, well-balanced skin! 

I work as a flight attendant, so I am stuck in the driest possible air for 12-14hours at a time, the OleHenriksen line has been a life saver in the way that it allows me to deeply moisture and renew my skin, but my makeup stays put and doesnt slip as it often does with other dry skin skincare.

I use the Ole Henriksen Flash Peel once a week, and the Ole Henriksen Pure truth serum daily along with the Kiehl`s oil/serum.

If you are looking for a face scrub that doesn`t dry out your skin, Ole Henriksen`s walnut scrub is amaze and feels a little bit like a refreshing mask.


Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

Actually, Aveeno stuff is pretty good for dry and sensitive skin.  I used their day cream for quite a while and may well go back to it when I run out of all my others.  It's nice and simple and a really good product.


And just to reiterate what others have said - no to foaming cleansers, yes to oils on your face, either on their own and/or in you moisturizer.  The only contradictory statement I would make is with regards to exfoliation.  My dry and sensitive skin doesn't like abrasive scrubs, but does like daily acid peel pads.  I find them far more gentle, doing just a little each day instead of one big hit a couple of times a week.

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

I have super dry and sensitive skin as well (worst combo for makeup ever right) and the adventures I have been through to find skincare products ohmy. Surprisingly it was the moisturizers, serums and creams that made my skin react more than regular foundations. 

So far I've found that First Aid Beauty for the price has worked pretty well. My skin doesn't seem to reactc to it and although it can be a little dehydrated dry still  its better than before. Using sunscreen every day even when its cloudy makes a difference although sometimes I feel my pores might get clogged a little. 

My advice is to keep it simple for awhile. Fewer ingredients the better. Use oils. Oil based cleanser.

I made the mistake of exfoliating every day for awhile thinking it would make me less flaky but instead dried out my skin more too. So don't do that. Make a sugar and honey scrub! Good for all over and I like it before I shave too. If you add oils into the scrub your skin loves it in the shower.

Rosewater. It can be customized in so many ways Smiley Happy as a toner or setting spray etc. Buy it at in a grocery section somewhere rather than as a cosmetic or beauty product or they'll overcharge you for fancy titles.

Avoid anything with the ingredients parfum if you can help it. 

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

I have dry sensitive skin tat gets red easily.  I find Purity face wash to be a good one along with the first aid beauty cleanser.  I then use the Ole Hendrickson Vitamin-C serum, along with the Korres greek yogurt sleeping facial at night and the matching greek yogurt moisturizer for the day time.

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

First of all, put down any and all foaming cleansers. Seriously. I'm not sure about you, but aloe or glycerin, at the top of the ingredients list, actually makes my face feel like it's on fire and turn beetroot red.


Give the REN cleansing balm and the Kate Somerville Nourish (I haven't tried the Goat Milk one, because I can't deal with the smell...) moisturizer a shot.  Those, along with rose water, are the only products that have never once stung or irritated my skin. 


I sort-of like the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Creme, but the smell of the cleanser just reminds me of vomit, and I just can't cope... The smell of Squalene just disgusts me, and I can smell it on my skin for hours after cleansing.


I wish I could offer more useful advice.  I know how frustrating moody skin can me.

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

I have combination sensitive skin, and I use the following products without issues:











-Philosophy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser (use morning and night)

-Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL (morning and night)

-Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment (once a week)

-Biore Face & Nose Strips (NOT PICTURED - once a week/as needed, can find at any drugstore)


The cleanser is a holy grail to me - it doesn't aggravate my skin, dry it out too much, and it takes off all my makeup.  The gel moisturizer is perfect for you if you find most other moisturizers are too oily after awhile - I can sleep in this one and not feel oily in the morning, and in the day it absorbs quickly (just the right amount of moisture for me).  The mud clearing treatment and Biore strips are what I use for my nose/other areas that feel clogged, and I suggest them for when/if you ever notice clogged pores as well.  Be careful with the mud though, and don't overuse it - it is very drying but really gets in your skin if you use it as directed; sometimes I will only apply it to my nose or small areas where I feel clogged instead of my whole face so that I don't dry out the rest of my face for no reason.


Good luck!

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

I would never use GlamGlow Super Mud for dry skin. It is too drying for those with dry skin. Combination it is fine for but dry, I would avoid it.

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

Agreed completely on the non-foaming cleanser. The ones recommended above are good. But if you find a balm texture too heavy, Ren's Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk is also good.


My skin is dry and extremely sensitive (rosacea and definite allergies to certain ingredients that cause both breakouts and/or rashes). The single best product I've found to start regulating my skin and get it under control, plump, hydrated and healthy is Mereadesso's All-in-One Moisturizer. It's pricey ($120), but it's meant to be a replacement for one's toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer. It plays nicely with makeup and sunscreen. It's also ridiculously easy. After I finished my first bottle (which took like four or five months!), I figured there had to be more out there I should be doing, so I tried other things. Other things caused outbreaks and bad skin. I went back to the simple Mereadesso and my skin looked great again after about a month. 


It's a Canadian product sold exclusively through Birchbox in the U.S. You can buy a travel sized sample for $28 that lasted me about 3 weeks of use twice a day. I normally wouldn't recommend a product so heartily, but it's the best thing I've ever used and, like, no one ever talks about it.

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

I have pretty dry skin too and have recently fallen in love with First Aid Beauty products! They have moisturizers and creams for dry skin and even for eczema. The products are mostly natural and are great for sensitive skin. I love using the Facial Radiance line that they have. The Facial Radiance Pads and the Facial Radiance Nighttime Mask are my two products I cannot live without! They have not broken my acne prone skin out and I really think they will work wonders for you. It's also very reasonably price and cheaper than most skincare products at Sephora. The Ultra Repair Cream should be the product you give a try!

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

I think the idea of mixing a little argan (or other) oil in with a moisturizer is a good idea.


when I have had eczema, my dr has yelled at me for using too many products and too many "complicated" products (meaning formulations with ingredient lists longer than a Tolstoy novel).


dr Jart's Ceramidin line has been a lifesaver for me. Same with dr Gross's hyaluronic acid moisture cushion. If you were to try just one, I would go with the dr jart. Maybe look at the "try me" Ceramidin case?


i hope you get your eczema under control soon! 

Re: Need skincare products/routine for dry sensitive skin

Hi Pivspie! 


I have eczema too, and have always struggled with dry skin, flakiness, and peeling, alongside typical redness. 


This may not work for you, since you are prone to blocked pores, but recently I've been mixing a few (think 2-3) drops of Josie Maran's Lightweight Argan Oil per one pump of lotion/typical body moisturizer, and using that as a moisturizer. So far, it's actually been working really well, which was an incredible surprise at first. But for whatever reason, it's better to my skin than using the oil or lotion just plain by itself. 


As far as lotions go, I'm usually between two: Aveeno Naturals with Oat, which like it says, contains oat and is really gentle, but can be a little thick. The other is Cetaphil's RestoraDerm, which contains ceramides, which are supposed to aid in the production of lipids which means healthier cells. Both work well for me, but I'm not sure if they'd work well for you. 

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