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Post in Dry Skin

Need Moisturizer!

Hey guys, my skin always feels dry after i shower and sometimes it just feels dry whenever! I will sometimes use a up&up moisturizing lotion but i doesnt seem to do the trick. Any suggestions? Also, would it be good to use lotions from Bath and Body Works stores? Thanks!

Re: Need Moisturizer!

I used to use the Up&Up lotion, too! You know what's really great but doesn't feel greasy? The St. Ives Intensive Healing Lotion. The texture is lighter than a body butter, but it moisturizes really well. While I think the lotions/creams/body butters from Bath & Body Works smell amazing, they're pricier than the ones found in drugstores/Target/Walmart. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Need Moisturizer!

I would suggest at night to use a moisturizing cream. I have combo skin but lately my skin have been dry due to the cold weather here in chicago. I also have sensitive skin and I use cetaphil moisturizing cream at night. Also make sure your cleanser isnt too drying to your skin. You can get cetaphil at any drug stores. Its about 15-16 dollars for a big jar which will last you. Hopes this helps. Goodluck.

Re: Need Moisturizer!

I second L'Occitane. Caudalie's vine line is also wonderful, especially the hand and nail cream.

Re: Need Moisturizer!

My very favorites are from L'Occitane. Their cleansers, lotions, body creams are made with shea butter and you don't have to apply them more than once. Also in the winter drink more water it's very easy to become dehydrated. Also when you get out of the shower leave your skin a little damp and then apply your body lotion or cream and it will give you added moisture. Last but not least very hot showers will dry your skin out more. Hope this helps!

Re: Need Moisturizer!

Generally, gel for oily skin, lotion for normal skin, cream/butter for dry skin. I use lotion in the summer (cream on elbow and feet), and I use cream in the winter (butter on elbow and feet). There's also body oil, which I found very very moisturizing, but the moisture doesn't last long.


It sounds like you have drier skin than I do. Try the body cream instead of body lotion (I usually get them with the free $13 value item coupon). Also try a hydrating/moisturizing soap/body wash if you haven't already, and use a oil based or sugar scrub instead of a cleanser based salt scrub.

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