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Post in Dry Skin

My skin needs help!

So as the weather is changing my skin is getting drier.  I'm also trying to find a new foundation and trying out different combos.  So even with liquid foundation you can see dry patches on my skin and I hate it!  It's like little flakes at certain places but overall my skin looks like **bleep**! I also have thin sensitive skin with redness called couperose... can't go see the derm yet for laser (well I'm terrified, it's pretty painful) so I need something to hide the redness as well.  I'm currently trying Koh Gen Do make-up color base in yellow.  Not sure if I like it and if it's helping.   Any suggestions???  FYI I don't like Clinique.  THANKS! Smiley Happy

Re: My skin needs help!

Tarte's Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation is great for covering up redness. And since you've already gotten great makeup recommendations, I'll just give you some DIY skincare options! Smiley Very Happy 


Masks (if it feels bad/itchy, just wash it off)

- honey (heals and moisturizes, just slather it on)

- Greek yogurt (moisturizes and gently exfoliates your "flakes," massage it on)

- cucumbers (moisturizes, blend it up, apply a thick layer)

- Vaseline (slather it on and massage your face to get rid of the flakes)

- oatmeal (heals and moisturizes, soak oatmeal in water until soggy, drain excess water, blend it up, apply a thick layer)

- avocado (moisturizes, mash it up, slather on)



- Epsom salt rinse (heals and improves skin texture, add a pinch of Epsom salt to a tablespoon or more of water, rub the solution over your face, rinse off)

- milk rinse (moisturizes and gently exfoliates, rub milk over your face, rinse off)

Re: My skin needs help!

Thanks! =)  Tarte is on the top of my list Smiley Wink

Re: My skin needs help!

I see you use KGD.  That brand has been wonderful for my red, dry, and sensitive skin.  I haven't tried their primer because the reviews were so mixed.  However, their aqua foundation in be 1 cancels out all of my redness.  I can't use that alone because it worked so well that I needed some pink put back in!!!.  I wind up mix it with another foundation or I use it as a primer over the red spots.  They've actually just reformulated that foundation and sephora still has the old product but any day it will change.  FWIW, I personally prefer the old formula so I'm switching to their moisture foundation.  These don't have parabens or fragrance (which you probably already know), so it's great for sensitive skin.  


If you are as dry as I am, you might love Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream.  I first tried it at Sephora but they don't carry it anymore.  It's not expensive and it's the single most moisturizing and soothing cream I've ever tried and I've tried many $$$ brands.  I don't need it every day but when I am irritated or have flakes, I'm a new person the next day.  

Re: My skin needs help!

Thanks for the info. I know Dr. Hauschka and can't stand the smell of rose cream. I do have some wonderful natural products but think I might be missing a thing or two like I said below. Smiley Wink I also don't think any of my Sephora's carry KGD and my eye have been leaking pretty badly the last few days so I'm wondering if it's the yellow primer. Smiley Sad

Re: My skin needs help!

I love la mer for those really dry days, it instantly perks up my skin. I know it's expensive to some other staples in my drawer are:

~ AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel- It gently eats away at the flakes

~ PTR Oil-less oil- New favorite. My skin doesn't react well to pure oils. This is made out of squalane from cane sugar (not sharks) and I only need one drop to cover my whole face or mix with a moisturize 

~ Facial Mists- Any kind, as long as they are alcohol free! I keep one on our coffee table, by my bed, on my vanity, in my bathroom drawer... New favorite it the PTR aloe, it was in the sale section on Sephora... gone now, but still on the PTR site

~ OH Blue/Black mask- Baby soft skin after one use! 



Re: My skin needs help!

Thanks.  Some of these were on my list to check out but I'll add the others =)

I think I might just be missing a product or two.

Re: My skin needs help!

I swear when my skin starts to flake, I would run to my bathroom counter and put on my Cortizone-10 cream that has "Intensive Healing Formula" or aloe in it. That cream with my tarte oil magically repair my skin in the morning.

Re: My skin needs help!

OMG I had a huge reply all typed out and for some reason the text cleared....ugh!! I will try to retype...

Re: My skin needs help!

Oh no! Smiley Sad thx hun.

Re: My skin needs help!

Oh dear. Well you needsomething moisturizing and as natural as possible. The only thing I can think of is Monsia skin renewal system, it's very hydrating and it's safe on sensitive skin, plus it has anti-aging agents so that's a plus!

Re: My skin needs help!

Never heard of it.  Where do you get it?

Re: My skin needs help!

Lol, I'm not sure if skin that looks like bleep is a good thing, I'm assuming not. I have dry combo that gets very red and scaly dry flaky skin on the cheeks in the winter. My favorite day combo is the PTR bunch of generic words together for name lotion combined with Hourglass no.28 on top.


The PTR is a fluffy cream awesome for dryness without feeling greasy for dry skin, and the no.28 is a protective layer to protect my cheeks from being chapped by the 20+ mph wind in the winter. They are too heavy for oily combo in the summer, but between the two I am no longer afarid of dry patches and can wear whatever I want in the winter. I know you are looking more into makeup, at least give the no.28 a try. =)

Re: My skin needs help!

Thanks!  I was already looking at HG Primer Serum Smiley Happy  Will check out the PTR as well.

Re: My skin needs help!

I have had issues with dry flaky skin even though I use good moisturizers and serums.  I purchased Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin cream and liquid and it has really helped correct this problem.  It strengthens the protective water  barrier of the skin.  I use the liquid, then the cream, then my usual skincare.A little goes a long way.  If you are only going to try one, I suggest you buy the liquid.  You can also get these two  products in deluxe sample size by using the promo code "CERAMIDIN"  


Re: My skin needs help!

Thanks!  I'll look into both =) 


So I would do this then oil, eye cream and cream?

Re: My skin needs help!

 If I think I need some oil I blend a drop into my moisturizer during the day and also use an eye serum.  At night you can use the oil as a layer because you don't have to worry about makeup.  Just remember to use it very sparingly.  Too much of a good thing can be too much!  Smiley Happy

Re: My skin needs help!

Thanks!  Oh yeah I know that. Also use it at night. Just asked you another question about your eye cream in another discussion lol Smiley Wink

Re: My skin needs help!

Have you tried putting oil on?


My skin is sensitive/combo and of late something has irritated it like mad and it's gone dry/flaky, the only thing that didn't hurt is Aveda beautifying oil..they have other types but this one is what my skin knows from the past..I pat the oil on a damp face at night, by morning my face is more back to normal.

Re: My skin needs help!

Oh yes!  Oil is part of my routine at night.  Thanks =)

Re: My skin needs help!

Hi veronika23-

I have the same problem with flakiness and I definitely understand how annoying it is!  I have tried so many different foundations and I have finally settled on the newest Sephora collection airbrush foundation.  I feel like when I have to use a brush to apply my foundation, it just makes the flakiness that much worse, so spraying it on lightly looks much better.  Hope this helps!

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