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Moisturizer for Flakey, Dry Skin?


Can someone tell me a good moisturizer for dry, flakey skin. My skin is flakey because of the cleanser and acne treatment I'm on (from I've been on it for 5-6 mnths now, and it has really dried out my skin, causing it to be SUPER flakey. I like to wear makeup. So, what moisturizer is good for dry flakey skin?? Thxs

Bianca xoxo

Re: Moisturizer for Flakey, Dry Skin?

I agree with F.A.B. Ultra Repair Cream.  It's the best for anything that ails your skin!  You could also try Rosebud Salve.  It's a staple in the south for any irritation.  It comes in a small tin, but a little goes a long way!  It's also a great undereye treatment.

Re: Moisturizer for Flakey, Dry Skin?

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream!

Re: Moisturizer for Flakey, Dry Skin?

I've been on a lot of acne treatments over the years, which always leave me with dry, flakey skin too. Honestly, I've tried a lot of higher end moisturizers in hopes that they'd combat the flakiness (Clinique, Kiehl's, Ole Henrickson, Korres, to name a few) and the best moisturizers I've found have been from the drugstore. Right now for the winter months I use Lubriderm Intensive Repair, which I know sounds absolutely terrifying to put on the face. It hasn't broken me out in the slightest, however. I've also used Cetaphil, which is great. You might also want to consider investing in a Clarisonic brush as well. My skin has been incredibly balanced since I started using one. For reference- I have combination oily skin, which can get dehydrated very easily during the winter.

Re: Moisturizer for Flakey, Dry Skin?

I think the best options are those with a small ingredient list. You don't want to interact with the work of the program you are using to combat acne, believe me, it's a frustrating game of trials and mostly tribulations that I would like to avoid for the rest of my life. So, I've been sticking with just a couple of simple things...


For my sensitive, acne-prone skin, I LOVE Kate Somerville's goat milk creme. It's kind of pricey, but it does last awhile and by far, one of my favorite moisturizers of all. I also like to use the Sibu Beauty moisturizing serum mixed with Tarte's Maracuja oil. Together, it's a little thicker and I find that it sinks into the skin even faster than either one on its own. I'm not sure how that works, but it just does. However, the Maracuja oil is outstanding on its own and I have never experienced any breakouts or sensitivity issues.


Also, the high vitamin C content of the oil is great for brightening up a dull complexion, which I really needed and love it for. Good luck!

Re: Moisturizer for Flakey, Dry Skin?

I've really enjoyed using Kiehl's ultra facial cream :] 

Re: Moisturizer for Flakey, Dry Skin?

I recommend Clinique Moisture Surge- it sinks in quickly without leaving behind any residue. I've also found its great for oiler skin types which may be good for you due to the acne.

Re: Moisturizer for Flakey, Dry Skin?

Ha, I was going to recommend facial oil (argan oil, maracuja oil) but that depends on if you have dry skin or dehydrated oily skin.


Have you tried First Aid Beauty moisturizers? they are well-known as the fix for dry and/or irritated skin. Origins is a natural line and their products are very refreshing, I recommend you try Make a Difference or High Potency Night-A-Min moisturizer. There are a couple of good moisturizers from Ole Henriksen (Sheer Transformation and Truth Revealed) but they contain a lot of dimethicone (silicone) and I'm not sure if it's good with your acne stuff.

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