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Post in Dry Skin

I need a good moisturiser for super dry skin!

I'm 25 and I use clarins early wrinkle correction cream and was really happy with it until i found out my face has started to flake especially around the nose. Please suggest a good moisturiser that isn't very exorbitant.

Re: I need a good moisturiser for super dry skin!

I agree with what the others below are saying about oils. I've had dry, flaky and sensitive skin all my life and Clarins has absolutely been the best moisturizer line for me by far. But sometimes it needs a little help, either because it's a seasonal thing or sometimes just because. I don't think this is a moisturizer issue, I think you need to add to your routine.


Are you using this cream day and night? It's a day cream. Dry skins need extra help at night, which is where the oils could come in.  But I think you should look at a dedicated night cream.  Also, are you using the cream for dry skins?  Clarins always do versions for normal/all skins and dry.  Make sure you've got the dry one.


Staying in the Clarins stable, you could try the Multi-Active Night Recovery Cream for Dry Skin and keep what you're using for day.  It costs about the same as the moisturizer you're already using.


But oils.  Rosehip oil is great. It's full of Vitamin C and has been great for my skin. It helped stop the flakes.  It could also be worth incorporating a peel pad into your routine, like the Philip Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads. There are others, but these are very well priced and will gently exfoliate your flakes away.

Re: I need a good moisturiser for super dry skin!

I'd grab this First Aid beauty cream for dry skin while on sale!  


You also have some great advice below and I'll add my own support for oils.  I get flaking in the winter sometimes.  My daughter has more sensitive skin than I do and I saw little flaking dry skin by her lips last night.  For spot flaking like that I use balms.  Josie Maran has an Argan Balm on her site that Sephora no longer carries.  Elizabeth Arden also has and eight hour protectant cream which is like a balm in a tube that's amazing.  It's one of the brand's classic early products that's still a best seller.

Re: I need a good moisturiser for super dry skin!

Try oils mixed with cerave in the tub! Vaseline is also great as an occlusive over your moisturizers before bed. 

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