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I need a fragrance free, no scent at all, pore moisturizer

Please help with your product experience. Looking for a fragrance free, as in no scent at all from the product, pore minimizer. 

Ignore the label, it made me chose one 😞

Re: I need a fragrance free, no scent at all, pore moisturizer

I have some good news and some bad news. There is really no such thing as a “pore minimizer” miracle product (at least not one that’ll make them minimized for more than a hour tops) and no good moisturizer will do that(if a moisturizer claims that then that’s baloney but some do have niacinimide which is good for acne) but there’s a lot of things you can do to minimize your pores which will defiantly need to involve a moisturizer.


Most moisturizers by Cerve, vani cream laroche Possay are fragrance free and all have good options. opt for a cream since balms are thicker. you will need a moisturizer for the following pore minimizing things. 

You have 2 options and one is definitely favored by me but requires more commitment. 
1. Find a good chemical(very important that is chemical) exfoliator use that once a week on your skin. Do this once or twice a week tops . There’s one by the ordinary that I’ve heard good things about. The reason you don’t want to use a physical exfoliator is that often times the exfoliation is too deep and uneven on your skin. Make sure you start low maybe only leave it on for 3 minutes then work your way up to 5 then 10 minutes if it doesn’t irritate your skin. (And as always patch test before you do any of that) 

2. If those pores are really acne scars then you’ll probably need to use a retinol or retiniod. Retinol is a miracle with thy acne, acne scars, and fine lines but it’s so finicky and specific with how you use it.  The term with retinoids is start low then go slow. Start with a low percentage of retinOL the ol being capitalized for a reason because retinal is stronger. Only use a pea sized amount over your moisturizer before bed. Start with doing this twice a week. You should notice your skin feels more dry maybe a tad more irritated  but that’s normal and if you don’t get any of that then bump up the amount of nights you use it per week by 1. You should go through a purge too which means you’ll get more acne but that’s just because your cell turnover is happening a lot faster so all that acne from the bottom of your face will resurface faster but just be patient because that’s totally normal. After your skin purges and that retinol no longer drys your skin you can start upping the amount and the amount of times using is maybe even going up to a retinal. With this it is vitally important you wear shiz tons of sunscreen or you will damage your skin. Patience is key with retinoids but the pay back is insane. 

With all these the thing that’s most important is you wear sunscreen daily 

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