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I have dry skin around my eyebrows and eyes?

Its really dry around my brow bone, eyes and eye brows ?

I got a free Ren Hydra-Calm Day Cream and it seems hydrating, I just don't want to be reapplying again and again. Any suggestions for good products for sensitive dry skin that won't hurt around the eye area?

Re: I have dry skin around my eyebrows and eyes?

I have the same issue -- and my eye cream actually takes care of the dryness (I use Shiseido Benefiance twice a day). I use it under my eyes and dab it on my lids, too, and it really hydrates (and smooths) the whole area, all day long.



Re: I have dry skin around my eyebrows and eyes?

100% coconut oil can be found at any pharmacy or Walmart, for around $10.00. 100% Emu oil is best. Literally one drop will moisturize entire face  and penetrates deeper than any other moisturizer, natural, or man made .

Re: I have dry skin around my eyebrows and eyes?

Oh just in time! I just brought Origins No Puffery eye mask and am loving it so far. I get dry/flaky skin above my lashline every winter, but most eye cream are not suppose to be used there and sometimes they burn.


The Origins mask is a thick gel that's super calming and does not irritate even when on the lashline (I think I got a bit in my eyes, but didn't know for sure since there's no irritation/burning), probably because the first 3 ingredients are water, rose water and chamomile water.


It sinks in pretty fast and absorbs well, leaving a thin slightly sticky film, which you can rinse off or wait a bit longer for it to be completely absorbed into the skin. It leaves the eye area smooth and hydrated. My eyelids were perfectly fine for the next 12hrs even without eye cream (usually I get flaky/dry patches if I don't apply eye cream within 30min, especially in the winter with my humidifier off) and when I do apply eye cream, I didn't need as much at all (I probably don't even need the eye cream *gasp*). It is out of stock online, but plenty instock when I was in the store. You can use oil around your eyes but it feels a tad greasy and most eye creams are more protective/sealing in the moisture rather than deliver hydration deep into the skin for eye area. It feels great if you keep it in the fridge, and does reduce puffy eyes a bit (noticeably, but not significantly).

Origins - No Puffery™ Cooling Mask For Puffy Eyes

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