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Post in Dry Skin

Help! Need a new skincare routine.

I have very dry skin with very few breakouts, blackheads through my tzone and large pores. Currently I am using a Mario Badescu enzyme cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer. I have tried Shiseido and Cetaphil in the past and it was not helping me hydrate. I used to have really bad oily skin and was on Proactiv and Retin-A and I think they were so harsh that they stripped my skin of everything and now I am so dry that my skin flakes in certain spots. Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Help! Need a new skincare routine.

Murad.  Nothing else is worth their salt.  It does, indeed, sound like you're "overtreated" Proactiv and Retin-A (they literally strip your skin of healthy oils and then bleach it--just look at your bath towels for handprints of what happens there!).


If you have breakouts still, consider Murad's Time Release Cleanser and Age-Fighting Mtzr for daytime.  I personally use them and LOVE them.  Then, at night, you could do like I do and replenish your skin with their Vitamin C cleanser and night cream.  I never, ever feel stripped anymore, but my oil and breakouts are controlled.  My pores are WAY smaller, too.  Murad's line will keep your pores clear but isn't so strong that it'll dry you out.


Certainly, if you try those and you need to bump your products up or down a notch, you can do that with Murad a ton.  I took their skin quiz on their website and really felt I got great advice from them and from my Sephora staff peeps.


Good luck!

Re: Help! Need a new skincare routine.

Hi, I know this was posted a few days ago but I have the same problem as you, I found Murad incredibly helpful! It cleared me up completely, try the little kit to test out the products. And it was a bit drying, but adding Argan oil or MArcuja oil, before moisturizing it good. or Kate Somerville's quench hydratinng serum is wonderful. When i was using that routine my skin was wonderful. And now i'm using way too many things and my skin isn't good anymore, So try and keep it simple. 

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