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Anonymous Insider

Help! Dry skin and redness around nose

Around my nostrils my nose is always red (which I've chalked up to hormones) and is also dry no matter what I do. 


I've tried exfoliating and I've tried not exfoliating. moisturizer has always been part of my routine (right now I'm loving the Saturday Skin). 


This area is also very sensitive, to the point that even taking a makeup wipe to clean off the makeup around there hurts. 


I usually only wash my face at night and take a wet rag in the morning to wipe my skin down. Then I spray rosewater, then eye cream and moisturize . If I'm wearing makeup I'll also use primer. But again, no matter what I do, this area does not cooperate . Makeup cracks and looks awful so there's no covering it up. 


Has anyone had a similar experience??


Re: Help! Dry skin and redness around nose

I'm so sorry you're going through this, @Anonymous!! If you can, the best recommendation is to talk with a dermatologist, digitally if you can in this time of distancing.


In the meantime, cease anything that is painful or burns your skin. This might mean that you can't  wear concealer/foundation there if makeup removers are causing pain. (As an aside I'd recommend a makeup remover balm or oil, I like the Farmacy one, they're much gentler. Then follow up with a cleanser).


That area has a ton of capillaries, so they're susceptible to breakage and especially if the moisture barrier is reduced and skin is thinned, which can lead to redness. So you want to make sure you're doing things to not irritate it or things to support it that aren't necessarily skin care. If you have an humidifier, that might help, if your nose is particularly dry. Also using a cold compress occasionally can help. And you're going to not want to use anything that drags on your face, so if you're using tissues, make sure they're moisturizing; and your face cloth in the morning, the act of wiping may also be irritating, so using just water and then dabbing your face dry; and please no more makeup wipes in the area (they often have alcohol which is drying). I'd also stick away from exfoliation for the time being.


You might also want to consider using an oil with CBD, which can reduce redness. And ceramides can help repair skin barrier. Also, more hydration in general is never a bad idea. So maybe at morning: wash + hydrating serum + eye cream + moisturizer + oil. And then at night: cleanse (milky) + eye cream + night cream with ceramides +  overnight mask.


I have allergies, and my nose is often red, and I've noticed that when I'm really hydrated and leaving the area alone it tends to be less red. Good luck!!

Anonymous Insider

Re: Help! Dry skin and redness around nose

Thank you so much!

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