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Post in Dry Skin

Hand cream

My boyfriend and I work with our hands and live in WI so we have very dry hands.  I like Aveeno products but they just aren't enough.  If anyone who has this problem has found a solution please let me know.

Re: Hand cream

Hello fellow Wisconsinite! I highly recommend First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Concentrate. I swear by it- especially in this weather we've been having, everything is so dry. Good luck and GO PACK!

Re: Hand cream


Re: Hand cream

I love all the L'Occitane hand creams they are some of the best I have ever used. Hope this helps!

Re: Hand cream

I like Korres body cream and L'Occitane's shea butter hand cream

Re: Hand cream

I agree w/dianabt, the Yu-be's are fantastic! Also, L'Occitane's shea butter hand cream is great but a bit greasy. If you're willing to wear cotton gloves at night it'd be great. Or you and your boyfriend could give each other hand massages together. Also, you may want to put a bit of coconut oil in your tea to moisturize from the inside out. 

Re: Hand cream

Hi Corrin99, 


Have you ever looked at the YuBe creams? I had clients in cold areas who swore by it for its moisturizing and hydrating properties. 


Moisturizing Skin Cream


I even suggest the Fresh Brown Sugar hand cream which is super moisturizing because it has sugar and not salt in it. Sugar is great to retain moisture in the skin!


Brown Sugar Hand Cream

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Hand cream

I live in MN where it is very cold and very dry most of the year, and I have *very* sensitive skin. I use Griffin Remedy Body Lotion on my hands. It absorbs and moisturizes well.


Another product that is great is Aveda's Hand Relief. It absorbs better than any product I've ever used. I'd still use it, but I ended up developing an allergy to it Smiley Sad That says more about me than the product, though.

Unfortunately, I don't think Sephora sells either product.

Re: Hand cream

i personally like soap & glory's hand food, or jack black hand healer. you might want to scrub your hands with pummel at night to get rid of the callouses and then apply the lotion.

Re: Hand cream

I bought the Jack Black hand healer today and my bf said it's for men and he can't share it with me!  He's joking of course, that means he likes it, Thanks a lot.

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