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Post in Dry Skin

Hand Lotion?

I am looking for a non-greasy hand lotion.I have to wash my hands a lot due to work,and I need a lotion that can help with the dryness from doing so,so often. I have been eyeballing L'Occtaine, but I am not sure that will cut it. Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly apperciated. Thanks so much =-)

Re: Hand Lotion?

I wash my hands a lot at work too.  I work in an office and we deal with the public all day long.  You never know what you're touching.  I have been using the Soap & Glory Hand Food. I really like that. I was using a Philosophy lotion but I am not a fan. It smells great but that's about it. Does absolutely nothing for my hands. I also like the hand lotion by Curel. I believe it's just called hand and cuticle lotion. The Goldbond hand cream isn’t bad but it's a little greasy. 

Re: Hand Lotion?

I really like the Tocca hand lotions. This is what I keep at my desk at work!

Re: Hand Lotion?

I love L'Occitane hand lotion to me they are the best I  think you'll love them.

Re: Hand Lotion?

I like the L'Occitaine.  It's very moisturizing.  I really like the small tube better than the large one, however.  I have the Shea Butter formula and the 4oz tube just seems thicker and doesn't absorb as easily for me.  For me a little from the smaller tube goes a long way.


If work involves working outside, check out the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Correcting SPF 15 hand cream that's on the sale page.  I like it, too, and like the SPF -- I'm not as good about keeping it on my hands.  Someone commented recently on how soft my hands were and I'd been using that cream.


If you can handle the fragrance, I really like Crabtree and Evelyn's Hand Therapy.  I do think the prices have gone nuts, though -- they've gone up a lot in the last year or two.  I only buy it at the outlets now. But I do find it one of the most moisturizing creams that I have and I do like their fragrances.

Re: Hand Lotion?

Believe it or not, I'm a fan of the Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer.


It's even available in a little 3 oz. tube to carry with you if possible so you don't forget to moisturize after washing.


Though L'Occitane makes some wonderful moisturizers and creams that are super lush. I've personally found that moisturizers that contain shea butter in the higher ups of its ingredient list to be very emollient and take longer to absorb because shea is so thick (in a good way). This works great as a more intensive hand treatment (maybe before you sleep or on days you're not working), but for frequent use and reapplying, something a bit lighter in texture but still packs a punch with ingredients is key.


The JB lotion contains glycerin, a top hydrating product used in face creams to body lotions, rice bran extract (which helps to retain moisture levels and properties), allantoin (helps to treat and prevent dryness, especially flaking or chapped skin), vitamins A & E, and eucalyptus oil to help soothe as well as serve to add anti-bacterial qualities.


Since the brand is "designed for guys" it's a no nonsense approach to hand cream that doesn't leave sticky or greasy residue behind since the common idea is that guys work with their hands and let's face it, no guy (be him tech nerd or construction worker) wants to slather on lotion, and then wait around forever for it to absorb before going back to work.  Smiley Happy

Re: Hand Lotion?

ooh i love the jack black one too. it smells of eucalyptus!

Re: Hand Lotion?

Yeah, it's a good, clean, light scent. Nothing too flowerly or sweet, which is important considering certain lines of work.


To Peachescat, not sure what line of work you're in, but keep scent in mind too. I have friends that are nurses and some that work in office buildings and they can't wear anything too scented as it might trigger allergies or those sensitive to stronger/more powerful fragrances.



Re: Hand Lotion?

Curel has an awesome line of lotions.  They do a great job of moisturizing dry skin, are inexpensive and can be found easily, and don't leave behind a sticky, greasy feeling.  It's almost as though it dries instantly and leaves this silky feeling on hands, nothing greasy or of the sort.


Hope this helps and best of luck!


Re: Hand Lotion?

Hi PeachesCat, check out Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer.  It's rich & non-greasy, and doesn't have a strong smell. 


Also, Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream is great at instantly smoothing rough, dry spots.


Smiley Happy -Laura

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