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Post in Dry Skin

HELP! Enlarged pores, redness, Dry skin on nose and cheeks,

Really needing suggestions for a cleanser/mask/anything to help my pores, please! I have always struggled with eczema on my face and slight redness, but lately I have had dry, flaky skin on my cheeks and nose, and now big pores. The pores on my nose I can almost squeeze like a normal pimple, but the cheeks are flat. The dermatologist said the dryness looked like seborrheic dermatitis and prescribed me hydrocortisone cream for two weeks, but I think that clogged my pores worse 

I currently use: Aveeno Foaming face wash for sensitive skin (fragrance free) 

PCA Skin Products-

Exfoliator once to twice a week 

Night cream with collagen 

Daily SPF 30 Moisturizer

Hyaluronic Acid Serum 

Lancome Primer

Bareminerals Concealer Serum followed by Bare Minerals Foundation 


I appreciate any suggestions! 





Re: HELP! Enlarged pores, redness, Dry skin on nose and cheeks,

If your using makeup, make sure you double cleanse- use a micellar water or oil based cleanser to thoroughly remove your makeup and then use your face wash. You can also follow up with a toner (make sure it's alcohol free so it doesn't damage your skin or dry it out more) to remove anything that might have been left over. Toners and essences help other ingredients absorb better into the skin. 

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