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Post in Dry Skin

Gentle moisturizer without SPF?

Given my latest skin catastrophe, I'm looking for new products. My skin is dryish, but very sensitive. I'm looking for a new moisturizer, drugstore is fine. I don't want SPF in it, because that's one more thing to react to, and I use a separate sunscreen. I would like something great for sensitive skin, fragrance free and not in a jar is a bonus. Any suggestions?

Re: Gentle moisturizer without SPF?


I personally think Fresh has the best moisturizer. Its very light weight yet rich and moisturizing. it feels so silky on the skin, and my skin feels comfortable in it. 

Sephora has a 500 pt perk if you want to try a mini version of it 

(since a sample of a moisturizer isn't very sanitary) 

I like the ingredients. I have sensitive skin too, but this works really well 



Ole Henriksen also has great moisturizers, and the sheer transformation is my fav. 

its even lighter weight than Fresh, but still very moisturizing and great under makeup. 



and Dr. Jart's Ceramidin cream is a nice cream that many people like. 

Ceramidin is supposed to create that barrier so the moisture from your skin can't evaporate. 

has abit of fragrance in it, but is safe enough for acne prone and sensitive skin to use. 

Re: Gentle moisturizer without SPF?

I know you made mention of preferring a moisturizer not in a jar, but the recommendation for the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream moisturizer is one that has a pump lid where you press down and the center portion dispenses product for one use, keeping this more sanitary and preventing oxygen from degrading creams in open faced jars.


The GM moisturizer is formulated for sensitive skin with no added fragrance, the scent is very faint and comes naturally from the ingredients used. Lactic acid, or milk proteins/enzymes, are wonderful for dry and sensitive skin as milk is very calming and soothing for sensitivities, inflammation, and dryness. Lactic acid is also one of the more gentle alpha hydroxy acids that helps to even skin tone and prevent an excess of dead skin cell build up while promoting healthier cellular regeneration. This cream was actually formulated by Kate as a solution to skin that even suffers from dryness brought on eczema (goat's milk being the main gentle-based treatment ingredient), making it suitable even for those without the condition.

Kate Somerville - Goat Milk Cream


Avocado and jojoba extracts help to condition dry skin while grape seed extract delivers a boost of antioxidants and aloe also helps soothe.

Re: Gentle moisturizer without SPF?

I have very dry sensitive skin and fragrance bothers my eyes.  I just finished up my first jar of this, and it is indeed very nice.  From what I've read, the dispenser is a love/hate thing, but mine worked perfectly (LOVED it).    


I just bought a tube of Acure Organics moisturizer for sensitive skin to try (I love their body wash).  It's also a very nice basic moisturizer that has nothing to irritate my skin.  I think the products are very similar in terms of moisture.  The Acure's natural fragrance isn't as pleasant, although it dissipates quickly.  


I may slightly prefer the KS, but it's $55 and Acure is $18 for the same amount of product.  The jury is still out because the Acure is so new, but I don't think you could go wrong with either.  Neither product is as moisturizing as I want, but I've never met anything with too much moisture and they are both good and absorb quickly.

Re: Gentle moisturizer without SPF?

ITA about the Kate Somerville.  I have been using her products daily for several years.  I like the fact that I have never had any kind of reaction to them, and they are gentle yet effective.

Re: Gentle moisturizer without SPF?

Have you tried Simple skincare?  its a drugstore brand.

Re: Gentle moisturizer without SPF?

I'd totally forgotten about Simple! Great idea, thanks.

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