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Post in Dry Skin

Flaky Skin :(

Is there a good primer or a great foundation y'all can recommend me? A good moisturizer or something? I've seen girls with flawless, smooth skin and I wish mine could look the same way. Any help?

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Have you tried the olehendriksen sugar polishing mask? I...

Have you tried the olehendriksen sugar polishing mask? I have had great results with it

RE: Flaky Skin :(

I love the it cosmetics cc cream

RE: Flaky Skin :(

I think you should get the FAB moisturizer and then like a coconut primer

RE: Flaky Skin :(

I agree, I love the FAB coconut primer! All their stuff is great.

RE: Flaky Skin :(

Unicorn Tish, great reply, and I agree!! I have eczema and until I knew what was wrong, I thought it was anything but eczema. When the weather changes, my skin goes crazy. I really agree that going to a dermatologist, even once to find out what is causing it is worth every penny. I really screwed my skin up using products that just made it worse. That being said, moisturizing isn't enough to treat dry skin. You also need to exfoliate or even do peels to get rid of dry patches. They are probably covered with dead skin that sticks on and just flakes off. And moisturizers aren't being absorbed completely in your whole face. That's what happens to me. I do a Korean type regimen and most of my products hydrate. Toner, essence, serums... I either use a foundation stick or powder, it all depends what my skin is like at the time. I find liquids dry me out. Especially under my eyes. I use a powder concealer that doesn't sink in and accentuate every flaw and fine line!! Most of the time tho I use a tinted BB cream bc it's also a skin treatment! I love the new FAB Coconut Smoothie Primer and wear it alone under make up. Again it depends on my complexion which changes . I only wear actual foundation for events or night out. Otherwise Dr. Jart BB CREAMs.

Re: Flaky Skin :(

I would find out the root of the problem to the flakey skin, first. No primer or foundation is going to correct it. 

Make sure you're using a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. If you have dry skin, it's possible your cleaners is stripping it and drying it out. It's also important you use a good exfoliator. That will help get rid of the dry skin. But you also want to prevent it. 

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