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Anonymous Insider

Fenty highlighters on dry skin

I finally made the decision to go to Harvey Nicols to purchase me some Fenty and I love the colour of the foundation!! However, i haven’t seen many people talk about issues with the highlighters on dry skin. I have dry skin and I find that all the highlighters tend to look extremely pigmented on my skin and almost scaley. The powder clumps to the driest parts of my face and actually highlights my problem areas. They’re all soooo beautiful but I’m so disappointed because of how terrible they look on my skin... has anyone else experienced this with the highlighters? And does anyone have any suggestions on how to get them to look glossey and smooth on dry skin types? 



The foundation is the perfect colour for me (390 hallelu!), but i have a similar issue with dryness and it clinging to the creases in my skin, and especially my laugh lines. I also find it incredibly difficult to blend the matchstix into my skin and have a similar issue with them eccentuating it’s dryness and clumping or removing the foundation as I try to blend, which then results in me adding more foundation and looking cakey AND dry. I’ve read that moistening beforehand and primers can help. I’m willing to make this work as I’ve NEVER found a foundation that is actually my colour and to support what Ri has done for women of colour.

Re: Fenty highlighters on dry skin

Hum, I have dry flaky skin. I have to use mask then expholiate before using any powder highlighter. Also I make sure my Skin is properly hydrated with oils, and primers. Go see a skincare specialist to get your Skin less flaky.


As to Laugh lines and wrinkles, they are a part of the aging process and makeup will cause people including you to look at your face. If they’re there, you’ll notice them. Some older people avoid shimmer of any kind to attempt to hide wrinkles.


I personally showcase mine like a sparklingly Christmas 🎄 

Re: Fenty highlighters on dry skin

Did you lightly powder your skin before applying powder highlighter? The clumps make me think the powder is sticking/clumping to wet spots or something. I have dry skin too but never had this problem before (my dry flakes or texture issues are on/around my nose and chin). Like calls to like, so powder on top of powder, cream on top of cream/liquid.
As for the matchstix, I've heard they are not that great on dry skin because of it's drier texture which also makes it hard to blend. You can try applying it with a damp beauty sponge to apply the product and blend it out. I use a beauty sponge to apply cream highlighters myself.
Generally, cream and liquid highlighters are more forgiving on dry skin such as Colourpop super shock highlighters or CoverFx highlighting drops.

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