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Post in Dry Skin

FLaky legs any advice?

Lately my legs have been white from flaky n dry. i use any drugstore lotion yet nothing helps soaps are dove and body washes n still dry out ...this thing is driving me nuts. do you know some products or tips that can help me?! thanx!

Re: FLaky legs any advice?

I agree with makeupmaven on applying an oil all over your body at least 5 minutes before showering. It protects your skin from being stripped of moisture and also nourishes your skin. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, or grape seed oil. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin, and this technique is the only way I keep it from flaking.

Re: FLaky legs any advice?

i just discovered an amazing scrub from Trader Joes.  it is the lavender sea salt scrub and it scrubs away dead skin and the lavender and oils in it leave your skin very soft and hydrated!  it is only $6, too!


TJ's Lavender Salt Scrub.jpg

Re: FLaky legs any advice?

What works for me is doing an exfoliate( whatever you prefer) and then I use organix dry body oil in the shower. There are several inexpensive brands to choose from, but this always seems to help. You do it right before you get out of the shower and then try not to rub yourself dry. Either gently pat or air dry and then use a moisturizer. A lot of times I will take a bath and just put some oil in the bath. Straight coconut will work if you have it, I sometimes put in a dropper of Josie Maran AO. Try shaving with coconut oil instead of shaving cream as well. Sometimes those pretty cans of gel can also add to dry skin. 

Re: FLaky legs any advice?

Try exfoliating, moisturizing with a product for dry skin like Cetaphil or F.A.B., and running a humidifier.  Make sure you use a gentle body wash, Cetaphil makes one for dry skin, and be sure to take only quick showers in warm, not hot, water.  Good luck!

Re: FLaky legs any advice?

I'd recommend using body oils rather than lotions. Apply before you get into the shower (let it sink in for 5 minutes if you have time). In the winter you may be able to skip your body cleanser or just use it sparingly (a body scrub would be better). The steam from the shower will also help the oil to penetrate better.

Re: FLaky legs any advice?

try exfoliating in the shower every couple of days.  I have really dry skin as well.  What I've found really helps is pat dry your skin after a shower and immediately put the body lotion on before you do anything else within three minutes.  You want to seal in that moisture before it evaporates.  I find if I do this in addition to exfoliating in the shower every so often (I use the Dove's Winter Care body wash, that's helping a bit too), it really cuts down on flaky skin.  You might also want to use a body butter rather than a regular body lotion too; they tend to be much richer and more moisturizing during cold months..

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