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Post in Dry Skin

Eczema help! Skin crisis!

Okay so I have really dry skin, to the point where I believe it is mild eczema (hasn't been diagnosed but my mum had it as a kid).  Usually it's just my hands and body but for the past couple days my face is so dry it's actually scaly.  I use argan oil twice a day, use the argan cleansing oil and I have been exfoliating but nothing is helping.


So my question is what is going to look better?

- Full makeup, foundation and concealer emphasize the scales so you can see exactly how bad my skin is

- No makeup

- Eyebrows, mascara and lipstick, I have a lot of redness but I'm wondering if I can just do partial makeup to look a tad more put together.


Please help me ladies!  I am having a skin crisis!

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

Hi IAmLadyLiterary

I too have suffered from eczema for most of my life. I don't usually have too many problems but once in a while I have a flare up.


First of all, eczema can be caused by just about anything!


Some common triggers of eczema are:


1. Skin care products

2. Detergents/soaps

3. Food (almost like a food allergy. My doctor said he gets eczema whenever he eats tomatoes)

4. Dry skin (which it sounds like this might be part of your problem)

5. Stress

I've had eczema problems that are mainly attributed to stress and using certain kinds of soaps. If nothing is working with you, my recommendation is to stop using makeup or use it sparingly, and use a VERY mild unscented cleanser and moisturizer.


If these don't completely clear up the problem, go see your doctor. Sometimes it'll take a while to find a prescription that works really well too, but sometimes the stuff they give you can work miracles and clear up the eczema in 1-3 days.   

Best of luck!

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

Totally agree with charpic. The FAB Ultra Repair is great. My son has eczema and we found that this stuff worked better than the steroid ointment he was prescribed. Plus it doesn't feel greasy at all.

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

I use FAB Ultra Repair Cream for my facial eczema.  It seriously helps!  For coverage, don't use foundation because you already know that foundations just emphasize the problem.  Use a tinted lip balm if you must for lips (better to stay away from lipstick/anything drying when eczema flares up on your face), and keep going with the eye makeup.  If you must have some facial coverage, start with a primer (I love Smashbox's Photo Finish Hydrating Primer, but you might want to use a green primer for your redness problem), and use a tinted moisturizer, like Laura Mercier's Broad Spectrum Tinted Moisturizer, Dior's Hydralife BB Cream, or Clinique's Moisture Surge CC Cream.  For concealer, Dior also makes a hydrating concealer.  For a setting spray, I would use Urban Decay's Chill Setting Spray.


TBH though, the best way to calm down eczema flareups is to just moisturize and leave them alone.  Don't over-exfoliate because that's going to irritate your skin.  Just wash, and apply a heavy moisturizer.  Avoid masks, especially mud/clay masks, during this time.  

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

First of all I would suggest making sure that all products you are using such as moisturizers and serums are alcohol free, because alcohol will dry your skin out even worse. Second, make sure you are putting the argan oil on after your moisturizer (never before) and pat it on instead of rubbing it in. For makeup maybe you could use a tinted moisturizer (in addition to your regular moisturizer, not instead of) so you can at least get a tiny bit of coverage, and then do eyebrows, mascara and lipstick to play up your other features! Just try to avoid any lipstick colors that will bring out the redness in your skin and you should be good to go

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

First, your skincare. I have eczema and dry skin, so I know how annoying and painful having flaky/scaly skin can be! This is what I do. I use a gentle, cream cleanser and wash my face only at night. Before cleansing, I always massage in an oil (I use coconut or grape seed), and then wash my face as I would normally. I found that that the oil protects my skin from being so harshly stripped while it's being cleansed. Afterwards, I layer on several different moisturizers instead of just relying on one overly thick/rich moisturizer. For protection against the elements, I finish off with a facial oil, which seals in the moisture and skincare I just did.


And for makeup, ideally no makeup is best for your skin when it's so sensitive, but I have places to go and people to see! I think it would look better to cover up your skin than try lipstick or eye looks, which would emphasize the fact that your skin is uneven and red. Try to find non-drying formulations of foundation and concealer. Usually matte or powder finishes are very drying, so look for a dewy, radiant, or natural finish. I recommend the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. It's dewy and full coverage, but I build it up sheerly with a damp sponge only on my red patches. It's great because it doesn't cling and dry out my red, flaky patches as much as other foundations do. On especially flaky days, I put the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer over my skincare and under my foundation. It smooths out the flakiness a bit and prevents my skin from drying out. 

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

I never even would have thought to use oil before I cleanse!  Thank you for that idea, I will try that!   Dry skin is really a B ain't it?  I will definitely try all of that and see what works for me!  


What I ended up doing today is brows, mascara and a MLBB lipstick just so I felt like I had something on without looking overdone or obviously not wearing foundation.  I will grab a sample of the LM primer and foundation you recommended!  I really appreciate your help!



Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

If it's eczema, you may need to back up on the exfoliation - part of what eczema does is the skin kind of gets over-protective of damage. It's your body's autoimmune system overreacting to an irritant. You can actually spread the eczema patch by exfoliating. 

Have you changed anything recently about your routine, eating habits, or environment? 

As for the makeup - I'd vote eyebrows, mascara, lipstick so you feel better and give your skin a break. The foundation, even if you've done fine with it in the past, may contribute to a continued issue with the eczema on your face. 

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

Thank you ladymeag!  I didn't even think it would make it worse, I just thought I had dead skin that needed to be exfoliated.  I won't exfoliate again until it clears up.  


Honestly I think I am dehydrated, I've had the same skin care and makeup routine for over a month (and I mean the exact same) so I don't think it's that, but it could definitely be contributing if I'm having a flare up.  It doesn't help that the winter in my city is the worst it's been since the 70s.  A lot of wind and snow and cold.  


That's what I ended up doing and I felt okay especially since I did my hair, my work is pretty casual and frankly kind of icky most days but I still like to wear makeup.  


So I am going to crank up my water intake, fresh faced/partial makeup only for the next week and see what happens.  If it doesn't get better I will see a derm.


Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

Sorry to hear about your eczema flare up!!


For you, I would suggest going with a natural, moisturizing, and healing cream. After moisturizing, I would suggest a partial made up face. Take time to moisturize and heal because eczema scars, especially if you are too dry and irritated for too long.


Good luck keep us posted! 



Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

Thanks Susy!  I am going to do partial makeup for a week (brows, mascara and lips of some sort) and super hydrate and see if that clears it up, and drink more water, if I am still having problems I will go see a derm.  I will give an update in a week!  

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

I'll let everyone else handle the makeup half of your question, but I had a patch of eczema show up on my face that sounds similar to what you describe -- red and scaly, not weeping or anything -- and what really sped up recovery was putting Rose Salve on it in the evening.  I stuck to a mild skincare routine and then put the salve on after moisturizing to lock everything in and slept on my back.  It healed up right away.  Vaseline or Aquaphor would probably have a similar effect, but I know Rose Salve has added moisturizing oils in it.

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

Thank you for that!  I haven't tried Rose Salve before but I will try it!  Thanks!

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

Oh wow, Josie's Argan Oil takes care of my eczema. When I do need some extra moisture with it, I do also use her Argan Infinity Creamy Oil. I think doing partial makeup looks better. Plus, you can keep adding a little bit of oil or infinity cream as you need it through the day. Sorry your skin is acting up! Smiley Sad

Re: Eczema help! Skin crisis!

I'm just having some extra issues right now, I think I need to drink more water :/ I'm really bad with that.  I used the Argan Infinity Creamy Oil last night and that seemed to help.  I ended up doing partial makeup (mascara, brows, lipstick) which actually looked okay.  The infinity seamy oil seems to help a lot actually.


And thanks, it doesn't help that I have dry skin, live in one of the driest climates on earth and don't drink enough water, and may have eczema as well.  

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