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Post in Dry Skin

Dry skin

Hello! I’m currently having some issues with my skin. My makeup doesn’t sit right & looks patchy & blotchy. I’ve tried different moisturizers to help hydrate but nothing seem to be working. I need help with my skin! I want my makeup to be flawless again. 

Re: Dry skin

Hi @queenyelhsaa ! What other products (brand + product name) do you use in your skincare routine? We might be able to recommend adding a product or ingredient based on other things you currently use. 

Generally speaking, a moisturizer’s main job is to prevent water loss. If you’ve tried a very occlusive moisturizer—one that contains petrolatum—and your skin still has dry patches, then you might need to add more hydration to your skin before applying a moisturizer. Also, applying moisturizer to damp skin can help. 
I don’t recommend hitting your face with exfoliants right away to remove dry flaky skin. Sometimes that can make things worse. Do you currently use a chemical exfoliant, or maybe a physical one (spin brush, facial scrub, etc.)—and if so, how often? 

Re: Dry skin

Thank you for the reply.


I don’t have a huge skincare routine but it is the following; I start off by washing with either cerave or cetaphil gentle face wash. After washing I would then go into with moisturizer( my skin normally gets dry after washing) I switch between moisturizer. I use the Elf holy hydration and or  First aid beauty moisturizer as well. I apply to the whole face & let it sit. After that I would apply the Cerave sunscreen under my eyes & around my face for protection. Every now & then I would shave my face to get rid of peach fuzz.  That was my original skincare routine.I try not to use a lot of face product because my face is very sensitive.  I just recently started the dermalogica step by step routine which also includes the exfoliate. I don’t know what it is but my skin just doesn’t stay hydrated enough for my foundation. I tend to switch up foundation as well. I also noticed using certain foundations looks more patchy then the others. For example I would use the rare beauty foundation .. patchy & separation all over the face. As for a foundation from color pop the pretty fresh tinted moisturizer w/ Hyaluronic acid. This one doesn’t seem to give me any issues. I was wondering maybe it had something to do with the Hyaluronic acid. I just recently went in to Sephora to get the inky list 

Hyaluronic acid serum. I hope to get this fix soon! I want to beable to wear my makeup with confidence again 

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