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Dry flaky skin leading to patchy makeup

Lately I have been really trying to perfect my skincare/makeup routine but I have been having trouble with dryness and makeup looking patchy half way through the day,


I use a cleanser with 5% salicylic acid to combat acne (this may be causing dryness?). I use this morning and night.


Then I use a nivea facial cream for dry skin, morning and night. Sometimes 3 times a day.


I also just starting using first aid beauty's moisturizing primer under my makeup. I use a Mac foundation and concealer.


i also exfoliate every other day with a light scrub by boire.


What can I do differently? what does a girl have to do to keep a nice even face of makeup from going flaky and patchy half way through the day?

Re: Dry flaky skin leading to patchy makeup

It definitely sounds like you are using the wrong products. Cleanser for acne (5% salicylic?!) are usually for oily skin and can be drying and harsh. When it's dried out, the skin gets damaged easily and don't absorb products as easily. When you use a thick cream, sometimes it can sit on top of the skin instead of being absorbed and hydrate deep in/under the skin for true hydration. 


Try a gentler cleanser and lighter moisturizer, and exfoliate 2-3 times a week instead of every other day. Unless you have severe acne, try a gentler cleanser like Origins Checks and Balance or Boscia Purifying cleanser. Basically after cleansing and pat dry, wait for 20-30 seconds, then feel your skin. If it feels very dry, tight or irritated/hurts when you touch/move your face then you need a gentler cleanser.


If your moisturizer feels like it sits on top instead of absorbing into the skin, you need a more lightweight one with more hydrating ingredients (hyaluronic acid, shea butter etc). Try products like L'occitane shea cream light, Drunk Elephant Lala cream, Fresh Lotus or Clinique moisture surge. If you don't want to switch moisturizer, go for a hydrating serum like Dr. Jart+ ceramide liquid or Fresh Seaberry booster or Drunk Elephant B-hydra instead.

Re: Dry flaky skin leading to patchy makeup

Hi @Sarahcam,


I'm not an expert, but I've been in the same situation many times. You can opt for a gentle and moisturizing cleanser for your face and use a toner that targets acne only on the areas where you need it. 

The Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentré helped me with flaky skin around my nose and it can be also used as a mask. It is very rich and creamy. 



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