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Dry Skin around Eyes

Hi Sephora,


Lately I have been experiencing an issue I haven't dealt with before. Some days my eyes feel very raw, dry, and irritated. On a bad dayI am unable to apply any eye makeup, since it causes the skin on my eye to flake away (mainly on the upper eye lid, right in the crease and brow bone area). I am assuming that I will need to purchase a moisturizer that is safe to apply to the eyelid. Do you have any suggestions on how to best tackle this new issue?

A good eye cream to check out is Dermadoctor's Wrinkle Re...

A good eye cream to check out is Dermadoctor's Wrinkle Revenge Rescue & Protect Eye Balm. It's moisturizing without being greasy, and it's ophthalmologist tested, so it's safe for the eyelides as well. Because I get allergies, my eyes are sensitive, so this is pretty good for irritated eyes with dry eye areas. I hope this helps and good luck!

As the skin on the actual lid is very senstive, most eye...

As the skin on the actual lid is very senstive, most eye creams are not made for that area. Pay close attention and try to steer clear of retinol or retinyl palmite (a more mild form) as this can cause more peeling or drying. Retinol, though a very powerful and effective antiaging ingredient that helps with lines, wrinkles, and other aging factors, can also be quite potent for those never using it before or have skin not familiar with the product.


Try Barrier Repair from Dermalogica, it's a waterless repair/moisture balm that helps protect sensitized areas of the skin.

It also helps to protect those sensitized areas from elements of the day to day world, a similar product but in a carry around form is their Climate Control stick. It's similar to Barrier Repair but in a stick/balm texture. It can be used on the face and lips for dryness, chapping,cracking, and sensitized areas.


Try looking into Korres as well for their Yoghurt line, they have an Instant Soothing Gel. Things with yoghurt or milk properties will help calm and sooth those areas, along with being combined with hydrating ingredients.


Try the Milk Proteins Cleanser from Korres as well as it won't be as harsh as other cleansers. Milk proteins (lactic acid) can gentle exfoliate as well so you're getting to break through the dry skin without using a harsh scrub or harsh chemical.




I always apply eye cream all around including the lids cu...

I always apply eye cream all around including the lids cuz I got dry skin right above the lash lines and yeah, some eye creams are not supposed to be applied too close to the eyes apparently.


Whatever you choose, remember NOT to chose any "cooling" kind because those usually have menthol and can burn on raw skin, or "brightening" kind with tiny teeny glitter/shimmer because those can irritate, or "de-puffing" because those seek to draw out the moisture to shrink the skin.


Anything basic should work. I used to use Clinique moisturizing gel (the yellow gel for face) or Clinique All About Eyes on my lashlines, but they no longer feel comfortable, so now I'm using Origins Eye Doctor and Fresh Lotus Eye gel for all around eyes including rubbing it above my lash line.

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