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Dry Skin Help

My skin is really dry, and I don't know how many products I have used recently to try and fix it. I use my Clarisonic 5-6 times a week, and I also use a moisture mask at least one times a week. Lately I have tried using oils, and was also told

Hyaluronic Acid is super good for dry skin. So, what order would I use my products in? I am currently using: cleanser, toner, retinol cream (with antioxidants from Paulas Choice), moisturize, face oil. How would I fit the Hyaluronic acid into that? And, what is a good really hydrating eye cream?  Thanks! I appreciate any and all dry-skin tips.





Re: Dry Skin Help

Our skincare regimens are quite similar! I also have wicked dry skin - living in Canada doesn't help - and I've taken to using Clarins Blue Orchid Face Oil:,en_CA,pd.html


It sounds like you need something for dehydrated skin. With the right product, you shouldn't have to layer millions of products to achieve your desired effect.


I've always had a lot of blackheads, and so I was really hesitant about using oil on my face, but this stuff is glorious. I trust Clarins.


They recommend using only a few drops after toner. Do not rub, but pat into the skin. My skin drank it up. I woke up with no flakes around my nose, which is crazy rare, and started using it roughly 3 times per week.

Re: Dry Skin Help

I get really bad flaking near my mouth and cheek area and also my forehead.  It's so frustrating as no matter what makeup I use that area always sticks out.  I've sensitive skin too so I have to be careful with the products I use. So far what is helping me is using the Estee Lauder Night Serum, followed my either my moisturizer or my Tarte oil then I have a emollient balm that I got from Skoah (Canadian spa line) on the dry patches.  It helps but I really would like to just be able to put one cream on as I don't think layers of product is good for the skin.  I'd be interested to try the overnight facials as I like Korres but I recently went a bit mental with my beauty budget so am not buying any more until the end of September Smiley Sad.  Hopefully some deluxe samples will come in soon.

Re: Dry Skin Help

How many days a week are you using the retinol product?  In my case, I'm sensitive to retinol.  I tried using it everyday and it caused my face a lot of distress!! I got to the point where my skin was flaking off! I had to go cold turkey on all my products to get my skin into a normal state.  Right now, I am using Algenist on an every other day basis and it has not dried my skin out. Some times too much things on the skin stresses it out.


Also drinking lots of water will help hydration, while too much coffee and soft drinks will dehydrate your skin.  

Re: Dry Skin Help

What type of cleanser are you using?  Foaming cleansers can dry out skin - look into cleansing oils as an alternative.  There are a lot of there but the golden standard has been Shu Uemura.

Re: Dry Skin Help

I have dry skin as well and using a serum has really helped. I've been using caudalie vinosource s.o.s thirst quenching serum. I use this right before my moisturizer.   I would also recommend peter thomas roth laser free scrub. Its really helped with my flaky skin.  


Re: Dry Skin Help

Hmmm, that sounds like a lot. Personally I found frequent exfoliation tends to make my skin a bit dry, so you might want to try cutting back on the Clarisonics. I know that most retinol will make your skin a bit dry unless it contains stuff to balance it out. Isn't retinol cream a moisturizer? or was it a serum? a spot treatment?


Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient and can be found in a lot of moisturizers or serum for drier skin, so either switch your current moisturizer or serum to one that contains it. You don't want to pile on a TON of skincare because if they don't absorb then your skin will still be dry and you are just wasting money. It sounds like there's a bit of overlap between your retinol cream (unless it's a serum), moisturizer, facial oil (and an hyaluronic acid item if you are adding another one).


I'm assuming you are using cleanser (oil, milk, cream or gel. Not foam) and toner (hydrating, not oil-control or exfoliating) for dry skin, if not then switching will help. If you want a moisturizer for really dry skin, Murad Hydro-Dynamic moisturizer or Algenist Overnight restorative cream (alguronic acid) both are excellent choice.

Re: Dry Skin Help

For dry skin, I would suggest the Korres Sleeping Facials.


There are two formulas now, but the Wild Rose Vitamin C Advanced Brightening one is a bit more moisturizing than the Greek Yoghurt one.


I use it every night after cleansing/toning/serum. I mix in a drop or two of beauty oil du jour (right now it's Tarte Maracuja Oil). The Korres product may seem pricey, but that jar will go a long way.


Read over the reviews and, if possible, get a sample to see if it's something you might like. I hope this helps!




ETA: I would back off on use of the clarisonic to no more than every other day to see if that makes a difference.

Re: Dry Skin Help

I would use it in this order:

1. Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Retinol Cream

4. Mix moisturizer and face oil or just face oil alone


As for the hyaluronic acid, I would use it on alternating days in place of the retinol cream just because the retinol cream and the face oil, in addition to that acid may be too much. For eye cream, I really like Kiehl's avocado eye cream. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Dry Skin Help

I have dry skin one point it was so dry that no matter what I used, dry patches would show on my forehead, nose, cheeks, and around my lips. I hate it! All this random peeling look wasn't very attractive in my book.


Honestly, I think it took years to finally train my skin to be less dry.


I still have dry skin and the occasional dry patch/peeling but its not as often as before.


I use Philosophy Hope in a Jar...there's one even for dry skin and I'd recommend using that. I also use their cleanser and tried not to over cleanse my face too often. I believe the toner helps too but is minimal in my book. I also use Philosophys eye cream just recently and so far so good.


I never tried oils or other types of cream. I tried to keep things basic so my skin would not be so dependent on all these products.

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