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Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

Hi! I have a very sensitive eyelid area, and when I take makeup off the area above the lashline gets red, flaky, and painful, that regular moisturizer (I use the Sephora brand moisturizer) does not help.


Are there any eye creams or products that could help?



Re: Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

I experienced the same symptoms a couple of weeks ago when I started using a new face wash and moisturizer. After about a week of having red, dry lids, I bought a super mild face wash and moisturizer, and the irritation stopped. Maybe you need to switch to milder products? Another culprit for irritation is dated makeup...if you have old mascara and eyeshadows, (over a year old) replace them.

Re: Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

Hi Madelinerenee.  I think Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eyewould work really well for you.  It is safe to use on the eyelid and will help hydrate and soothe the area.  Also, I would recommend switching your eye makeup remover.  Boscia

BosciaMakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil is very gentle and will remove all of your eye makeup with minimal rubbing.

Cold Plasma EyeMakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil

Re: Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

Dermadoctor has an eye balm that's safe for the eyelids and it's ophthalmologist tested. I personally like it because it's good for my dark circles and since I get allergies very easily and rub my a lot, this doesn't sting my eyes or anything. I even think I don't rub my eyes as often as before. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

Oh agreed! I am always puzzled by the remover label that says "don't get it in your eye" cuz if you are taking off mascara and eyeliner on the waterline, it's virtually impossible for me not to get it in my eye.


The eye make up remover that I'm currently using (and doesn't irritate dry eyelid or in my eye) is Clinique Take The Day Off. It's oil based so you need to wash face afterward. Do not try Body Shop chamomile or Yes to cucumber wipes, they sting my eyelid. I've heard people using coconut oil, mineral/baby oil and seem to like them.


Also, I don't get eye cream unless it can be applied on the lashline, which is where I get flaky skin (seriously, what's the point of a special cream for eyes if you can't even apply it close to your lash lines?). Clinique All About Eyes moisturizes and spreads easily but never irritates. Fresh's lotus gel feels really really good on the eyes and doesn't irritates. Bobbi brown's eye cream is also good. Any eye cream that mentions giving you a cooling/warming sensation probably will irritate (like Skyn Icelandic eye relief gel I tried).

Re: Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

Try to remove it more gently, or use just water and a cloth. Is it the makeup remover? Check to make sure it is oil-free, and you can try a sensitive skin makeup- remover and see if that would help.

Re: Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

Do not use moisturizer on the eyelid unless the product says it is safe to do so (which are few and far between).  Otherwise, it will most likely cause irritation.  The skin on the eyelid is very delicate.  Instead, look into lubricating eye drops (NOT the ones for redness relief) and see if that helps hydrate the eye area better. 


Try not to sleep with makeup on. 

When removing eye makeup, do you use your regular cleanser only?  If so, considering using an eye makeup remover or cleansing oil (lazy mode) instead.  As much as advertisers like to say facial washes can take everything off, I find that not to be true when it comes to eye makeup. 


How to use eye makeup remover:


Wash the face as normal.  Apply the eye makeup remover onto a cotton ball or pad.  Gently wipe away the remaining excess.  For the closer and more precise areas (waterlines, tightline areas), dip a clean Q-tip into the eye makeup remover and gently remove the makeup.  The key is not to tug, drag, or pull on the eye area(s). 


As the other poster mentioned, eye primers are good barriers between the lid and shadow(s).  Also make sure it is not the eye shadow, liner, or mascara causing issues.  Scratchy or super powdery shadow textures; overwhelming fragrance (most often found in mascaras); scratchy eyeliners, etc.  If you have to tug, pull, and drag for colors to appear, find a new product. 


Hope this helps. 

Re: Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

Thanks! I really didnt know you should not use moisturizer on the eyelid! I use the same primer for my face "l'oreal studio secrets" for my eyes as well.


For removing makeup I use a combo of makeup wipes and lancome creme radiance

Re: Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

@madelinerenee:  Not a problem at all!  Hope that information was useful to you.


I would definitely investigate a primer designed for the eyelid instead.  They prevent shadows from fading so more bang for your buck (less eye shadow product being used).  There are some great primers from Too Faced, Urban Decay, and NARS.  There are drug store ones as well.


Makeup wipes are great for facial makeup (pre-wash) but not that great at removing stubborn eye makeup.  Unless you have problems with oils around the eye area, it does not matter whether the eye makeup remover is oil free or not.  Not all oils or oil-products are bad for the skin. 


Hope that helps. 

Re: Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

Clinique makes a really great eye makeup remover.  It's called Take The Day Off Makeup remover for lids, lashes and lips.  It's very gentle and removes even long-wearing and waterproof makeup without pulling or tugging in the delicate eye area.  Clinque also makes a really great eye cream called All About Eyes, which can be used in the lid area as well as under the eye.  


I agree with others that you should make sure that it's not your liner, mascara or eye shadow that is causing the problem.



Re: Dry Eyelid Moisturizer?

Do you use a primer under your eyeshadow? I've found that primer, while effective, tends to dry out my eyelids. I don't necessarily use a moisturizer to prevent excess oil build up, but I do use a moisturizing eye-makeup removed which seems to have reversed a lot of the effects of the primer.


I use Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Pads. Give it a try!

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