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Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

My skin is very dry and sensitive. I have constant flushing (reddness), and am prone to eczema. I am 31 and would like to start a skincare routine, but am overwhelmed by all of the choices. I would also like something that has anti-aging benefits. My other problem is that the area under my eyes are puffy and a red/purple color. Can anyone help me?

This is my current routine:


ole henriksen truth serum

ole henriksen truth creme with advanced hydration

Fresh lip treatment


REN Hydra-calm milk cleanser

ole henriken truth serum

ole henriksen truth creme with advanced hydration

origins genzing eye cream

Fresh lip sugar scrub

Fresh lip treatment

So, I guess I am wondering if I am using the right things. Also, I would like to add an exfoliator and a hydration mask. Is it okay to use different brands in your routine, or should one stick to one brand? Also, I would like to use natural products.


Grateful for your help!

Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

@Freckles82 I think I'm in the same boat as you and lately, I've turned to natural home remedies because using all the products that I have has made my skin more sensitive than it is.  Here's what I recommend.  It may seem too simple but it has been working well for me. 

*ceraVe hydrating cleanser for night, simple water for morning (or any cleanser that doesn't foam or lather)

*face oils or cream moisturizer (lotion is not enough for my dry skin.  I like Josie Moran's argan oil or you can use cold pressed olive oil...cold press has more nutrients than regular olive oil)

*sunscreen (I use Vichy)

*then your makeup routine

*gentle exfoliation once a week (over exfoliation will make you more dry and sensitive)


I used to use a lot more but I'm trying to slim it down because of that sensitivity problem I have.  I still use some products occassionally just to finsh my inventory.  I found that my redness/dry skin was kind of a catch 22.  When I was able to hydrate my skin with the face oils, it eliminated a lot of the red and irritated skin. 


Best of luck to you!  Smiley Happy

Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

I found this post while googling Airelle skin care because I wanted to read more about it. I agree with NYStephA. I am an Airelle skin care user and have nothing but positive things to say about it. I have just been using 3 of their products in the total skin care line and have really noticed a difference in the overall texture of my skin. It feels smoother and firmer and I have not had a breakout since I started using Airelle products. I really feel like my skin glows after I put it on. It is really light and non greasy. Best of all, it is all natural! You dont want to be putting all those chemicals on your skin. I would definitely try it out. 

Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

Thank you for your help. I will definitely try those suggestions. It is nice to get advice from people who also experience eczema. It becomes so expensive to keep trying products that don't work. My skin remains irritated, red, and very dry/flakey. I wanted to use natural products, but am starting to think that it is irritating my skin more. Again thank you all for taking the time to help!

Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

@freckles82 -- good luck!  a couple extra notes, I agree with triciaann about "natural" ingredients not necessarily being better for skin, especially with eczema.  I also think she gave great advice in terms of going for a very basic routine for the next few weeks to help your skin settle down.    If the redness and irritation improves after a few weeks with the basic routine, then if you want to you can start experimenting with other skincare products like serums, eye creams, etc (but one at a time so you'll know exactly what happened if your skin gets irritated again).


Please feel free to PM me at any time if you want to discuss skincare for eczema!  I'm always willing to help since I've been through it all myself too. Smiley Happy

Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

For dry and sensitive skin, I highly recommend the Airelle anti-aging skin care system.  Plus, it's all-natural, paraben free, fragrance free, and sulfate free.  I have dry and sensitive skin as well, and I am in love with these products.  I would start with the Hydrating cleanser.  It is a very gentle foaming cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soft and amazing.  I then apply the Serum, followed by the Repair Complex which leaves my skin feeling hydrated and gives it a really nice glow.  A couple of times a week, I use the exfoliating polish, which is a really nice and mild exfoliator that just really makes my skin feel and look fantastic.  I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes and then wash it off and my skin feels like I just had a facial.  I've really had fantastic results using these products and I hope this helps!

Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

you know what's interesting, I went down the whole ceramides road when new research came out a few years ago showing how the right combination of ceramides could actually prevent the skin matrix from breaking down so much and letting irritants in -- which is exactly what happens to people with eczema.  It was impossible to get back then, then ceramides started popping up in all sorts of skincare products.  But CeraVe is one of the few that contains 3 types of ceramides and not just one or two.  I currently use CeraVe cleanser, facial lotion, AND body lotion.  Prior to discovering CeraVe I was just using plain old Cetaphil, which while completely non-irritating, doesn't have the magic stuff that actually makes my skin SMOOTH and more resilient.

Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

I've struggled with eczema my entire life and am still shocked at how little useful advice I ever got from dermatologists.  Beauty counter people know even less about what's good/bad for people with eczemous skin.    What state is your skin in right now?  Do you get eczema flareups constantly, or just once in a while?  Is it constantly itchy and dry, or just sometimes?


If the former, then ditch the Truth Serum and GinZings.  Origins GinZings in particular is known to be irritating to sensitive skin.  The Truth Serum contains irritating synthetic fragrance ingredients.


If the latter, then stop using those two while your eczema is flaring up, until the flareup goes away. 


What you may not realize is that skincare products with potentially irritating ingredients can actually make your eczema worse.  What's frustrating is that people without eczema can use these products without experiencing any problems at all, which makes it difficult to judge how your own skin will react.


The eczema flareups on my face have practically gone away since I switched to completely fragrance-free products without irritating ingredients.  I use CeraVe cleanser right now, and a variety of different anti-aging products from Clinique, Peter Thomas Roth, Dr. Dennis Gross, and Elizabeth Arden.



Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

GenZing have particles to help brighten/diffuse dark circles, so its half makeup ish and should be used in the morning. Personally I like applying eye cream right up to the lash line so GenZing actually ihrritates my eyes, but that does not sounds like your problem. You should wear it during the day and find something else for night.


Other than that the product and how you use them sounds appropriate. You can definitely use different brands. What is your concern at this point? Not hydrating enough? Want more anti-aging? Are you looking for a basic exfoliator/hydration mask or something fancy with evenskintone or antiaging benefit?

Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

Sorry, I forgot to add the the Redness Relief Derma Care is tailored for sensitive skin prone to flushing.  All of their products are natural at Yves Rocher, and they even cultivate a lot of their own ingredients on their farms in France.

Re: Desperate for help with my skincare routine (dry/sensitive/reddness/eczema)

Hi, I believe I saw this a couple of times, and no responses.  I am on a bit of a quest myself right now, but as it pertains to part of your question, I do have some personal experience with redness and excema (I actually have psoriasis) There are products from Yves Rocher (redness relief, and a whole routine of calming comfort) that work wonders for this, at least on my skin.  They are not formulated with anti-aging specific ingredients, but at our age, HYDRATION is the best anti-aging measures we can take:-)  I hope you find what works best for you, Good Luck!


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