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Post in Dry Skin


I think it's about time we have a place for people with dry skin to talk their dry skin, share, discuss, help each other with their skincare routines, problems, goals.... Skincare. Life style changes. Anything. As much as we can. We don't have to be experts to help each other out. Maybe our experiences combined and put together can produce something helpful and beautiful for every fellow dry skin person that might seek help, word of advice, or simply a "safe haven".


Of course, you don't have to have dry skin to join us. Anyone with some wisdom willing to share is welcomed here!



Re: Dry Skin Talk

I've battled severely painful flaky dy skin. I've tried many products.


What ended up working for me:


1. Stop double cleansing... I only use clinique balm to remove my makeup at night with a warm wash towel.

2. Deep Rich toner (or any other hydrating spray) right after washing my face

3. Treatment serum (of your choice)

4. DE Marula Oil

5. Top it all off with DE cream


I go to bed with my face like a disco ball, but wake up with healthy looking and feeling skin. I will only rinse my face with water when I used acids or retinol the night before.



Re: Dry Skin Talk

I agree for me the double cleanse is too stripping. I usually wipe off makeup with micellar water. Then cleanse with oil or balm. 

Re: Dry Skin Talk

I take my makeup off at night using a micellar water first to get the surface dirt off (and I go cheap — I use Garnier), then use a cleansing oil (I like Farmacy — rinses off fairly clean and doesn't make my eyes cloudy. I use the oil, not the balm) to get everything off. I follow up with either SR Luna or Caudalie Overnight Recovery Oil (I alternate nights), then moisturize — most often with Caudalie — the one for very dry skin.


I really like Caudalie. I find it's very gentle on my skin and I like the moisture it gives me. I find if I use other brands for dry skin I get milia from the richness. Caudalie has never given me problems.


In the morning I just rinse my face with water, then follow up with SR Good Genes, moisturizer and eye cream. I like to keep it simple.


Since I've been using this routine, my skin has been clear and well-behaved. I have some wrinkles — mostly my forehead — but my skin looks pretty good for a 56-year-old. Well, I think so anyway Smiley Wink

Re: Dry Skin Talk

@YoiFran I agree. No need for double cleanse. Especially if you have dry skin. I mean, if it works for you, go ahead, whatever works for you. But, one good cleans/er is/should be quite enough imo ( and in my personal experience ).


Don't double cleanse just because someone said that's the way you should do it, or it's all the rage right now. Don't force anything, for that matter, onto your skin. Listen to your skin! And act accordingly.


Oh man, I am a real grease ball when I go to bed, too! Smiley Very Happy But, I wake up with nice and happy skin. There is no worse than waking up to dry, tight and flaky face. Ugh...

Re: Dry Skin Talk

Has anyone tried Squaline Oil? I've heard good things. Since I'm super dry but also prone to breakouts I need to be careful.

Re: Dry Skin Talk

The Ordinary oil was actually what peaked my interest first place. I think Wayne Goss mentioned it in a you tube video and highly recommended it. I then saw Sephora selling one by another brand for around 50 bucks. So for the cost I'm definitely going check out the Ordinary Squaline oil. I use their 2% retinol and I'm pleased with the results. Thanks for the recommendations. 

Re: Dry Skin Talk

@DiDiBlueEyes71  I've been trying it (although on hold now for other reasons...) but I liked it for night time use. Also The Ordinary sells a bottle for less than 7$ Canadian. I mean that's not a bad price if you want to try it Smiley Wink

Re: Dry Skin Talk

@veronika23 mentioned she is testing The Ordinary's squalane oil, maybe she could chime in with her results. I am curious about that one, too. 

Re: Dry Skin Talk

I have the Tata Harper Beauty oil and Squaline oil is the first ingredient. It's a nice oil at its price point. I seem to gravitate more to oils that have a jojoba base. That's very moisturizing for me. 

Re: Dry Skin Talk

Thanks to wisdom from @jemly and @Mochapj, I've added a couple products to my routine that have made a world of difference.

  • Food-grade rosewater as toner. I'm using Cortas, which you can get for like $5 on Amazon.
  • Vichy Aqualia Serum, which you can get at Target or CVS but feels SO luxurious.
  • Clarins Blue Orchid Oil. Pricey, but you only need 1-3 drops per use so it goes a long way!

I also absolutely swear by FAB Ultra Repair Cream and the PTR cucumber gel mask. I've been using both of these consistently for well over a year and they're definitely HG-status for me.


I have had zero issues with dryness or flakiness since I added these things, plus my redness and fine lines have been reduced.

Re: Dry Skin Talk

@TopazBeth If you have a middle eastern grocery store near you, you can get a bottle for around 2 bucks or so! No need to pay for the exorbitant Amazon price! Smiley Wink 


 I've been using Cortas rose water (and orange flower in summer) for years, and I seriously can't be any happier. So glad to hear that you like it too!

Re: Dry Skin Talk

How do you use the rose water? I've been pondering making my own glycerin spray once my current mist runs out. 


Re: Dry Skin Talk

@Lynni98 I have never made any face spray on my own so I cannot answer that question (though I assume you can add glycerin to rose water and shake the mixture well inside a spray bottle), but I use rose water as toner-- simply drench a cotton ball or cotton pad with it and use the ball/pad to wipe off my face! 

Re: Dry Skin Talk

Lucky you, you can use rosewater! I know rose is very beneficial in general in skincare, especially for dry skin... If your skin can tolerate it, that is. My skin gets so angry and red if I try anything with rose in it, I stay far, far away from it... Smiley Sad

Re: Dry Skin Talk

First Aid Beauty ultra repair is my goto as well.

I like the Bioderma Hydrabio Serum as well and the micellar water from this line.


I am currently trying a sample of the caudalie

Vine[Activ] 3-in-1 Moisturizer and my skin has been liking it, I haven't tried it without my serum yet but this my become my daytime moisturizer.



I like to use Fresh seaberry oil underneath FAB ultra repair during the winter.



I did not like the FAB ultra repair serum I found it didn't do much for my skin.

Re: Dry Skin Talk

@ldiet Fresh Seaberry Oil is so nice and nourishing. I like it, too!

Re: Dry Skin Talk

Great idea for a thread! I'm one of those people who uses night cream and oils even during the day. 

Re: Dry Skin Talk

Do you have any oil recommendations for day time use that sits well under foundation?

Re: Dry Skin Talk

@Lynni98 I've been using REN Omega oil and VCense night cream for 10 years now. Never had a problem under makeup!

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