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Cleanser for dry sensitive skin

I recently bought the Philosophy Purity all in one cleanser. What I really enjoy about it, is that I haven't had any breakouts since i've used it (which has been a bit over a month now), when normally I breakout every couple of weeks; I also like the price range it's in. The only problem I have now is that it's making my face dry after a while. Especially when I put on makeup, then I get a lot of dry spots. I'm not sure if I should should try a new cleanser, or try a new moisturizer? I currently use Sephora's. I have very sensitive skin. Any suggestions?

Re: Cleanser for dry sensitive skin


I have very dry skin (I live in the desert and my skin is naturally dry...not a good combo) that breaks out. My skin will flake on my forehead and nose while be broken out on my chin.  I swear by three things...Cetaphil face wash, Cetaphil ultra hydrating moisturizer and St Ives face scrub for sensitive skin. All products are simple and not full of irritating ingredients. To help combat my dry skin I tried Hope In a Jar, Dior and Chanel. Nothing seemed to really hydrate, cleanse and not break me out. Best part is Cetaphil is not expensive which means you have more money for make up Smiley Happy Hope this help and good luck.



Re: Cleanser for dry sensitive skin

Stop using that cleaner now! I have the same skin issues and triedyour cleaner as a solution and it was a failure! Totally dried my face and caused tantrum acne a result. Try to balance yonow skin now. The cleansing oil from Josie maran is nice! Pure is also a great brand but more $$$

Re: Cleanser for dry sensitive skin

Like you, I also have sensitive skin that can get dry. I get a variety of samples from Sephora so I can best determine what works best with my skin. I would recommend First Aid Beauty  face cleanser as it is geared towards sensitive skin and the price is good as well.  DermaDoctor Calm Cool & Corrected face cream is amazing and also geared towards sensitive skin. I swear by this product. You can both feel and see a difference. It is expensive but worth it and I only put it on once a while when the skin feels dry or reddish. 

Re: Cleanser for dry sensitive skin

REN's Moisture Protect is amazing.  I have the same issue as you and it had helped my skin feel so wonderful.  Purity irritated and dried out my face.  Fresh Soy Cleaner was even worse.  REN was the only moisturizing cream I bought which actually helped it out.

Re: Cleanser for dry sensitive skin

Hi, it sounds like the Purity might be a little bit too harsh for your skin.  I would recommend using a different cleanser however you could also try adding a more hydrating moisturizer instead.


If you opt to try a new cleanser I would recommend either the Fresh Soy Cleaners or the First Aid Beauty Cleaners.   Both cleaners leave your skin feeling clean and soft and are great for individiuals with sensitive skin.  I'm somewhat acne prone and neither of these cleaners caused me to break out.  The Fresh cleanser is a bit pricier at $38 for 5.1 and the FAB cleanser is more reasonable at $18 for 5.1 oz.



Re: Cleanser for dry sensitive skin

When you are using the perfect cleanser, your skin should feel clean and possibly a little tight but not dry. Have you tried using a heavier or more hydrating moisturizer when using the cleanser?


If you don't want to switch your current cleanser and moisturizer, how about trying a hydrating toner?

Avalon Organic Vitamin C is available at walmart, target and a lot of stores. It smells like orange juice and give my skin an extra dose of hydration in the winter. Of course there are other options, but they are either not natural/green or expensive.

Re: Cleanser for dry sensitive skin

It probably is the philosophy fragrance behind the dry skin. For sensitive skin, REN is a good brand line to try as well as Caudalie and Boscia from sephora.  Skyn Iceland's Glacial Face Wash or Pure Cloud Cleanser are also worth trying (these can be found at the Skyn Iceland official site). 

REN Moisture Protect Comfort Plus Cleansing Milk:


If not paranoid about oils, try a cleansing oil instead.  Amore Pacfic makes a good one along with the shu uemura varieties (A/I is the sensitive skin formula at their official website). 

Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes:


If those seem not to have any improvement in the skin, then look into a different moisturizer.  Since everyone's skin is different, sample first; give it a week or two.  Anything you love try the full size or keep looking if not satisfied. 


Hope that helps.

Re: Cleanser for dry sensitive skin

I took your suggestion and went with the REN cleanser. I just bought it yesterday, so hopefully i'll see some results later on Smiley Happy

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