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Post in Dry Skin

Body moisturizer recommendations

Winter is among us, but let's SPRING into action soon! I need some recommendations for an everyday body moisturizer after showers. My skin is pretty dry right now, with some flaky patches here and there. I don't like heavily scented lotions nor do I like that greasy feeling on my skin. 

Re: Body moisturizer recommendations

Hello! Although the winters are quite mild (to say the least) down here in the Deep South, I, too, develop very dry skin myself. I agree with the others out there who recommend Josie Maran's Argan Oil Whipped Body Butters. Needing a quick replacement once my tub of Vanilla Fig Body Butter ran out, I tried Cetaphil's Ceramide Body Cream. While it doesn't sink into the skin quite as rapidly as the JMA Body Butter does, it is super-hydrating, even on such notoriously scaly spots as heels, elbows, and hands. At our local Super Wal-Mart, a huge tub (12 oz?) costs under 12.00$ Compared to the Body Butter, price-wise, it's at least worth a trial shot.  Wishing you all soft, non-scaly skin and a very happy Spring! S. Louise xxxooo purrrrrrrr! 

Re: Body moisturizer recommendations

If you have really dry skin, you might want to try Cetaphil.  It's very gentle and effective (and not expensive).  I have skin that is dry and slightly eczema/flaky patches prone during the winter, and it is the only moisturizer that actually makes my skin better, rather than just sitting on top of the skin.  It also has no scent and absorbs well!

Re: Body moisturizer recommendations

Hi Spyski, 


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Josie Maran Argan Whipped Body Butters. They smell delicious, are soft, easily absorbed into the skin and are Argan infused which makes them extremely hydrating and smoothing to the skin. 


I love to apply them to my arms and legs after a bath or shower to keep the skin hydrated and soft.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Body moisturizer recommendations

I've used Clinique's Body Butter.  While it truly does hydrate with no heavy scent, I moved away from it because I didn't like the packaging (jar) and because Clinique tests on animals.


Since then, I moved to Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream (no animal testing, paraben-free) and Renee Rouleau's Avocado Body Lotion (divine hydration, no greasiness, simple/clean scent perfect for Spring & Summer).


I also agree--use moisturizers (even the facial kind) immediately after you've used water for whatever reason to seal in the moisture.  Makes a difference!

Re: Body moisturizer recommendations

Thanks for the quick review! I never knew that tip for sealing in the water until this thread, good to know.

Re: Body moisturizer recommendations

CeraVe is my top pick for a no-fuss, simple moisturizer. It's packed with ceramides and hyaluronaic acid to bind healthy moisture particles to the skin. It's available in a pump lotion and a tub which has a thicker cream.


No added fragrances, so added colors, dermatologist tested, and noncomedogenic.


My tip is, after you get out of the shower, apply the lotion straight to wet skin to help seal in more moisture rather than dry off completely which will leave skin vulnerable to being dried out. Keep the lotion/cream right on the side of your shower/tub so you reach for it right away!

Re: Body moisturizer recommendations

Thanks lylysa, you're always a great help with advice!

I was actually contemplating between CeraVe and Clinque Deep Body Butter. It's just everytime I go to the drugstore they're always out of CeraVe, haha must be good then!

Re: Body moisturizer recommendations


You're welcome, Spyski! Smiley Happy

Which drugstore? I believe Walgreens and CVS carries CeraVe.


I just love how it's so basic to where if you want to put a perfume over it scents won't clash and those two main ingredients really do pack a punch in the hydration department.


I've never tried the Clinique Body Butter so I can't weigh in on that one, but butter tends to be thicker, so since we're moving to Spring and eventually Summer, you might have to wait a tad longer for it to sink in and not feel as heavy.

Re: Body moisturizer recommendations

I'll have to keep checking back with Walgreens, although I haven't checked CVS or Rite Aid. Tonight's mission!

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