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Post in Dry Skin

Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

I am just a mess of dryness and have tried multiple products without success.


So... What's YOUR absolute favorite product to for the "cure" ? Smiley Happy

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

I would suggest that you look at Bliss the Fabulips collection, it's a scrub, cleanser and a lip balm and I love it.Hope this helps!

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

Wowie, lylysa's suggestion included almost all of mine (and more). I had extremely dry/flaky/peeling lips in the winter and sometimes on the cheeks, I recommend:

1. Start the morning with 1-2 cups of water, even if you don't eat breakfast.

2. Apply Fresh Sugar SPF15 after morning skincare. Jack Black and Anthony Logistic are a tad more protective, but I'm not a fan of the fact they kind of leaves a film. Reapply during the day as needed.

3. If your lips are flaky, use a gentle lip scrub like Fresh Sugar, or put generous amount of rose salve/vaseline on your lips and rub with a facial towel morning or night when you are doing skincare.

4. Before you go to sleep, apply a generous layer of Rose salve or TokyoMilk dark lip balm.

5. Use a humidifier in your room and carry a facial spray with you, altho this is more for dry skin in general.


That's what I do every winter and now my skin/lips are just as happy as they are in the summer. If your body is lacking hydration, products are not really going to fix it, unfortunately. =(

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

Oooo, as you and I are both pretty much on the same page, I noticed the film only occuring when I put on too much product or "mush" it around on my lips, leaving product on the center/inner portion of my lips!


I've had that happen to me with some lip products, but never so frequent with any one that it was the formula itself, so I was determined to find out why! When I keep to applying and not rubbing my lips together so much, the film isn't present. Yay for no ring of build up product on the inner portion of my lips!


Try that out and see if it helps you any too!

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

Ok, so this is semi-off topic. I've never had that happening with tube or jar lip balms even when applied generously, only the soft ones in squeeze containers. But, I've also noticed the similar film/peeling when I use lip gloss and such. I'm fine with not mushing around for lip balms since I like my Jack Black, but for lipgloss aren't you suppose to mush it around a bit after applying? me is confuuused.

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

I once had the film happen with my Korres Lip Butter, I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact some of the ones I've used have no parabens, so maybe the lack of preservatives plays a roll in how the product sits/wears.


I think it's mushing/rubbing lips to an excess, especially if TOO much product is applied, like no matter if it's 2 minutes after application or 20, or even 45, you're still "pushing" and moving product around your lips like it's fresh.


Someone with a child needs to do a Science Fair project on this!!!! Smiley Tongue For beauty....and science!!!!

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

Oh I get that with Korres, too. The color's a bit too sheer for me, and building it up leads to film. Haha, too bad we don't get the scientists behind the brand for the BT Q&A, or else I'd totally grill them about the ingredients and stuff.


Parabens are not the only type of preservatives, so if a product doesn't have paraben it probably have some other type of preservative. Altho paraben is the black sheep right now (I'm so disappointed in you, Jack Black lip treatment! You LIAR! You only disclosed the full ingredients list, which contains 3 types of parabens and a bunch of other things, after the new SPF regulation forced you to. You are the reason why I no longer trust anything and am super nitpicky about ingredients today. However, it's still an excellent product and I'm still buying it.)

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

Yeah, you see me mention that about the parabens/preservative thing when I bring up Boscia in threads!


It's like:


"Yes, all parabens are preservatives, but no, not all preservatives are parabens!"


I remember you mentioning that tidbit about JB's lip balm in another thread.


And even with that note, some preservatives are natural preservatives as to not be as red-flagged.

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

Are your lips sensitized at all with the super dryness and peeling? As in, are they raw, do they hurt, are any blisters forming?


If not and and it's just excessive dryness you're experiencing, try looking into lip scrubs. It's the first step in helping break down and remove dead and exess skin.


Traditionally, scrubs are made with a physical particle and suspended in a formula that also helps to hydrate and nourish. Take for example these below:


Fresh - Sugar Lip Polish
Fresh's Sugar Polish uses brown sugar crystals to buff off dead skin with a mix of conditioning oils.


Tarte - Maracuja Lip Exfoliant

Tarte's Maracuja Lip Exfoliator uses raw sugar particles and is enriched with vitamin C and has more of a waxy, balmy texture.


Bite Beauty - Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub
Bite Beauty's Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub uses gentle and rounded polishing beads and is fortified with resveratrol to keep lips youthful and healthy.


Bliss - Fabulips™ Sugar Lip Scrub
Bliss' Fabulips Scrub uses sugar and walnut shell powder to slough off dead skin.


If your lips are more on the raw/sensitized side, try the Bite scrub as the particles will be softer and less likely to irritate.


You can also make your own scrubs using sugar (I like turbinado sugar which is more coarse, but regular table sugar or brown sugar works for something more fine) mixed with honey or conditioning oils like olive, grape seed, or jojoba. You can even add in some mashed strawberries for a yummy boost in flavor and antioxidants!


You can also use a wet and warm wash cloth to gently buff at lips if scrubs are too harsh or even a soft bristled toothbrush.


To properly scrub (don't press into your lips with pressure), just lay your finger onto the surface of your lips and apply the scrub in a buffing/rotating manner, polishing the lips and letting the particles do all the work for you. This will prevent scratching or tearing at the skin.


Immediately after, apply a thicker textured lip balm over lips to seal in moisture and form a protective barrier on lips to prevent the air from drying out newly exposed skin.


Some of my favorites:


Jack Black's Lip Balm (comes in a variety of flavors, Mint being the top seller, and has SPF, no shine, matte finish):

Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25


Anthony Logistics Lip Balm (two flavors, Blood Orange, my fave, and Mint, infused with anti-aging as well as skin benefiting properties, no shine, matte finish, also has SPF):

Advanced Formula Lip Balm SPF 25


Korres Lip Butter (infused with natural oils to nourish, has a rich, buttery smooth texture and available with tints):

Lip Butter


Tokyo Milk Dark Lip Elixirs (available in 3 scents, La Vie En Rose is my current fave/love, thicker consistency, very smooth feeling):

Femme Fatale Collection Lip Elixirs


If you're planning to apply gloss or lip colors over your balm, let the balm set for anywhere from 2-7 minutes so it can fully absorb into your lips.


Though products like Aquaphor or even Vaseline are commonly used on chapped/dry lips, they're not necessarily infusing any conditioning ingredients, but rather just forming a water-impervious barrier on lips, which does protect from outside elements, but also doesn't put back anything super beneficial either.

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

Hi Fabz, have you ever tried pure organic coconut oil? It really works great on dry skin and hair! You can use it all over your body! Jojoba oil is also a great oil for dry skin! For your lips make sure that once a week or so to exfoliate the lips with an old toothbrush and vaseline or a brown sugar exfoliator, there are also some products on here to use, and make sure you put a good lip balm on after doing that! Also make sure you use balm on lips at night before bed! Hope this helps Smiley Surprised)

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

I have tried the coconut oil, after it dries I still have the dryness. WIth the lips I have tried the toothbrush trick but then I still have the peeling. Maybe I'll try the brown sugar and jojoba oil... good idea thanks.

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

I find oil and thinner lip balms are great for hydration since they sink into the lips, but if the air/environment is dry then your lips will be dry/peeling again soon, so you need something thicker and more protective to seal in the moisture. Make sure you either reapply or follow up with a thicker balm and you should be fine. =)

Re: Best product for super dry skin and peeling lips

It's like creating a lip wardrobe...layer!  Hehe!

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