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Post in Dry Skin

Best hand creams?

My mom is always complaining about how dry her hands are, so I want to get her a hand cream or a set for Christmas. I really don't know a lot about hand creams because I don't really use them, so I need some help. What's your favorite? I want to get her something she doesn't have to apply seven times a day. The lotion she uses now she has to apply a lot and her hands are still really dry.

Re: Best hand creams?

caudele lotion sorry if i didm spell caudele right it is sooooo moisterizing its great!

Re: Best hand creams?

First aid beauty is really good!  The concentrate is awesome!  I had dry and cracked hands, put it overnight and in the morning it was much much better!


There's a duo right now.  I got it last year and really loved it. Debating if I should get another one.


Or just the cream:


Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Re: Best hand creams?

I put the concentrate on at night too!

Re: Best hand creams?

the purse seduction hand and body cream is heavenly in scent and moisturizes amazingly well.

Re: Best hand creams?

L'occitane hand creams are great. They're thick but not greasy and fit in your purse.

Re: Best hand creams?

I second the Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream. It keeps my hands soft, but it's not thick nor greasy. 



Re: Best hand creams?

I have only ever used the original (which I love), but I just found this Caudalie Hand Cream Trio set for the holidays. There is also the Vine Body Luxury Set which has the original hand cream and their body butter (which I haven't tried so can't comment on). 



Re: Best hand creams?

The Caudalie Vine Body Butter smells amazing. It's really moisturizing too. I also like their hand cream. Mmm, grapes.

You can't go wrong with L'Occitane or FAB either though.

*runs to put lotion on hands*


Re: Best hand creams?

Ha! I actually went to put lotion on after posting on here! Thanks for the info on the Body Butter. I think I will get the lux set and try it out. 

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