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Post in Dry Skin

Best hand creams?

My mom is always complaining about how dry her hands are, so I want to get her a hand cream or a set for Christmas. I really don't know a lot about hand creams because I don't really use them, so I need some help. What's your favorite? I want to get her something she doesn't have to apply seven times a day. The lotion she uses now she has to apply a lot and her hands are still really dry.

Re: Best hand creams?

My favourites are Caudalie's and Josie Maran's. Josie Maran's is apricot and vanilla scented! It's sooooooo good.

Re: Best hand creams?


I would recommend Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream - I feel like its very nourishing and not oily/greasy.  I loved it Smiley Wink


Re: Best hand creams?

I want to second everyone who mentioned l'occitane.  They sink in quickly while moisturizing VERY well and they smell lovely. 


I also love the the ones front The Body Shop, especially the almond scent.  They run crazy specials really often.  You can probably get them for 40%-50% off this month.

Re: Best hand creams?

I personally LOVE the L'Occitane hand creams. I would never have believed that I would spend so much on hand cream, but it is worth every penny to me. I get an eczema rash on my hands in the winter (and even in other seasons if my hands get too dry or I wash my hands too often), and the 20% shea butter hand cream is one of a very few lotions that cures it, and if I am diligent about using it daily and nightly, I will not get a rash all winter. You only need a nickel size dollop for both hands at most, a little goes a long way! It also makes the skin on my hands look fabulous.

Re: Best hand creams?

There've been a few really good threads on this recently!


I usually keep Clarins or FAB Ultra Repair Cream in my purse. & I have pump bottles of Molton Brown at every sink in my house (5). Molton Brown usually has sets around the holidays. 

I don't like greasy hand cream, so I have a drawer full of the ones I don't care for. I can use L'Occitane in a pinch, but it does leave a bit of a greasy film on my hands, but I love the scent of the lilies of the valley one. 

Re: Best hand creams?

Last year I was all about the Laura Mercier creme de pistache hand cream (smells SO good).


This year I am switching over to more natural products so my new pick/suggestion is checking out 100% Pure! The hand creams are really thick, I saw them in the front bins at Ulta once but haven't seen them since so I ordered online. The body creams are amazing too. I find they have some of the most beautiful scents - like, their vanilla is the best vanilla I've smelled.


Another thought - what about the Mary Kay satin hands set? It's a scrub and lotion and i think one more item that you use before bed. My aunt worked for Mary Kay and gave me this and the satin lips one year in high school and I was obsessed!


I do highly recommend 100% pure though, I work in a hospital and am constantly sanitizing my hands causing them to get very dry. This stuff is thick but not too greasy and it's free of anything nasty that could absorb into your skin.

Re: Best hand creams?

LOCCIT.jpgGood stuff Smiley Happy


Re: Best hand creams?

Kiehls ultimate hand salve

Re: Best hand creams?

Aww its nice of you to put so much effort and thought into this. I hope my daughter is this sweet when she gets older (she's 13). As it is, she's kind of a brat now Smiley Happy lol 

My hands were SOOO dry last week that I had dry knuckles and cracks between them. They burned and would bleed sometimes because they were so dry. It hurt! I got two different hand creams within a week.

First was Burt's Bees. This helped, but it sat on my hands and never really rubbed in all the way. It was greasy and made my bangs greasy when I touched them. Also still had the cracks. 

Second was L'Occitane (the small $16 set with two .5 oz hand creams and tin of 100%shea butter). This worked amazing! It rubs in quickly enough and doesn't sit on top of your skin. It smells wonderful. Most importantly, it got rid of the cracks and dry skin on my hands. I only used the Rose hand crème, not the other hand crème or the shea butter tin. It worked within 2 days!

They also have larger gift sets that will last forever and are perfect for your mom.

Re: Best hand creams?

Ahava Mineral hand cream is pretty awesome. I like that it's not greasy at ALL, which is one of my pet peeves about hand lotions. It does have a noticeable scent that most people seem to either love or hate. (I love it.) A little goes a long way too.




I also really like Burt's Bees Ultimate Care hand cream. It was in Birchbox's CEW winners special edition box and it's really good, too. Also non-greasy and a little goes a long way. But almost no scent.



And I will second the FAB Ultra Repair Cream. The bf gets eczema and this actually helps! He calls it The Magic Hand Stuff. Last I checked, you can still (again?) get a free 1 oz sample for 100 pts.

Re: Best hand creams?

Origins Make a Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment is super awesome. It's not sticky but still thick enough to moisturize for a good portion of the day.

Re: Best hand creams?

You booger, veronica, I was going to recommend FAB and Jack Black.


If their cuticles and edges around their nails split, bag balm will fix it, then a coat of Nexcare.

Re: Best hand creams?

I second the Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream. It keeps my hands soft, but it's not thick nor greasy. 



Re: Best hand creams?

I have only ever used the original (which I love), but I just found this Caudalie Hand Cream Trio set for the holidays. There is also the Vine Body Luxury Set which has the original hand cream and their body butter (which I haven't tried so can't comment on). 



Re: Best hand creams?

The Caudalie Vine Body Butter smells amazing. It's really moisturizing too. I also like their hand cream. Mmm, grapes.

You can't go wrong with L'Occitane or FAB either though.

*runs to put lotion on hands*

Re: Best hand creams?

Ha! I actually went to put lotion on after posting on here! Thanks for the info on the Body Butter. I think I will get the lux set and try it out. 

Re: Best hand creams?


L'occitane hand creams are great. They're thick but not greasy and fit in your purse.

Re: Best hand creams?

the purse seduction hand and body cream is heavenly in scent and moisturizes amazingly well.

Re: Best hand creams?

First aid beauty is really good!  The concentrate is awesome!  I had dry and cracked hands, put it overnight and in the morning it was much much better!


There's a duo right now.  I got it last year and really loved it. Debating if I should get another one.


Or just the cream:


Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Re: Best hand creams?

I put the concentrate on at night too!

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