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Post in Dry Skin

Best eyecream for sensitive eyes?

My eyes are chemically damages I think. They are dry, red, irritated, and have became wrinkly due to them being so dry. My eyes are fine, it's just the underneath of my eyes. I'm only 15, so it's not aging and the doctors said it wasn't allergies either.


Re: Best eyecream for sensitive eyes?

Do you live in a dry area, if so then a humidifier might help. It might also have to do with your diet so more water might help. You can also try eye drops and basic eye cream like Clinique All About Eyes. If none of them works, then you might want to go to a derm or optem.....opt.....ok, an eye doctor. Not sure about derm, but I feel like eye problems should be covered by insurance, so there's no harm in going and ask.

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