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Post in Deeper Shades

What this thread means to me

I remember over a year ago requesting for @SephoraBIC for this thread and was told no. I will admit that it sadden me for richer tones not to get a group. I think Sephora didn’t want to make anyone feel excluded. With this being said, I believe that richer tones have a unique set of needs. Just like any other group would have needs. At that time I did not know what the best way to advocate for a group. I was trying to think of creative ways to help @SephoraBIC understand that need for a group. I reached out to mods and still got the same answer. I felt this was important for people like me to have a place to share ideas, tips, swatches, and etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned from other groups here but I still felt a group was needed. Sephora inclusivity campaign then delivered what I had been waiting for so long. A group where I can learn and share from people that have needs like myself. This is no way for me to exclude anybody or any group. I think that this group can help others understand the needs of POC. Just like the deeper tones thread, I will promote this group to make people aware and ask for input. I kinda feel like I will be the groups promoter. Lol. I hope all can feel free to contribute, learn, and grow from this group. On a side note, @fieldsofclover this group feels like a child that I’ve been longing for. That probably sounds crazy but I’ve been wanting this for so long and now it’s here. I would love to hear people’s feedback, thoughts, and how they envision the group. Sorry, I wanted to post this earlier but I was boarding a plane to New York. Thank you @ElleElleG for creating a deeper tones thread.

Re: What this thread means to me

😩😩😩 you are the sweetest @KNC24  and an absolute gem to this community! 😘


This group is the result of your persistence in asking AND in bringing people over to the Deeper Hues thread to partake in our conversation.  So glad this space is here and that new members can feel like they have a place too !

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