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POC Brand Collaborations

I thought it be nice to have a place to post all brand collabs featuring POC! . . . ABH x Jackie Aina - Release date 8/15/19 on Sephora, Ulta, and the ABH website.

RE: POC Brand Collaborations

Coloured raine x power

RE: POC Brand Collaborations

I’ve never watched it but those lipsticks 👀👀👀👀

RE: POC Brand Collaborations

@IttyxBittyxMe I’m loving the purple lipstick!!!! This collection is calling me. The palette is looking like my new fave.

RE: POC Brand Collaborations

@IttyxBittyxMe. Hopefully we start to see more poc collabs. My palette comes today. I can’t wait to play in the purple.

How did the palette swatch?

How did the palette swatch?

Re: RE: POC Brand Collaborations

My job is directly across the street from a Sephora so I’m debating between going in and just buying it today or ordering on a site I get an MUA discount. I’m gonna swatch it and follow my heart while I’m in store.

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