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New to this not true to this

Can someone put me on to some good eye shadows products for darkskin 

Re: New to this not true to this

You can use anything with the right primer. Use a brighter primer for shadows that don’t show up as easily 

Re: New to this not true to this

@pringels  I’m somewhere in the tan/medium-deep to deep range of the skin tone spectrum. I’ll list some eyeshadow brands that work well on me. 


  • UOMA Beauty - check Ulta (if you’re in the US) for available palettes. Sadly the brand’s in limbo (their founder left last year and the brand stopped producing products), and when Ulta runs out of UOMA products they probably won’t get restocks. The Carnival palette has one of the best yellow matte shadows I’ve ever used, and the rest of the palette’s great too. So are the Allure and Freedom palettes. I can show you some of my palette swatch photos later, if that’ll be helpful. 

  • LH Cosmetics - MUA Linda Hallberg’s brand, based in Sweden. If you need big bold rainbow colors, her Color Palette’s got you. Love very sparkly glittery shadows? Linda’s got you there, too: browse her site to see ‘em all. I also love her eyeliners. 

  • Danessa Myricks - if you ever find her Lightwork III or Lightwork IV palette at a reputable retailer/reseller, and you love duo/multichrome shadows, then definitely grab one or both of those. (I have and love ‘em both; unfortunately they were limited edition palettes.) Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork V: I Am Palette For Eyes And Face is still readily available. Also, consider Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix - Multi-Use Eye, Cheek & Lip Waterproof Liquid Pigment Nebula (can’t tag the Colorfixes without picking a specific shade): these are great as cream eyeshadows.
  • Pat McGrath Labs - wait for one of the brand’s sales to try a Mothership palette. (They’re also sold at Nordstrom and Ulta, so you can use Nordy Notes or Ulta points on some of Pat’s products.) Pat’s been stuck in a pink/rose theme for a few years, so you’ll see a lot of that color story in her palettes. I’m a much bigger fan of her older Motherships, especially PAT McGRATH LABS Mothership VI Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Sun , PAT McGRATH LABS Mothership I Eyeshadow Palette - Subliminal , IV Decadence, and III Subversive. If you need a bold metallic sapphire blue, her Dark Star 006 V4 kit (really just a duo) comes with a great one—though the kit’s overpriced, so definitely wait for a sale on that one. Oh, and her PAT McGRATH LABS FetishEYES™ Longwear Liquid Eyeshadow is quite nice. 

  • Natasha Denona - some of my favorite palettes that are still available include Circo Loco, Natasha Denona Yucca Eyeshadow Palette, Natasha Denona Mini Bronze Eyeshadow Palette, Mini Triochrome, and Mini Gold—though I’m not sure that last one’s still available anywhere. I like the Lila and Sunrise palettes. Many people love the Sunset, Glam, and Bronze palettes. The Pastel palette doesn’t work for me (much too chalky-light on me, even by pastel standards). Neither does most of Retro Glam. If you have a local Sephora or Ulta, it’s worth the time to swatch some of Natasha’s palettes to see which ones might work for you. 

  • Juvia’s Place - I haven’t bought one of their full size palettes in years, but I can’t leave them off this list. I still love their Masquerade palette. They’ve got many options to choose from. 

  • Viseart - this brand still makes my favorite powder matte shadow formula. Editorial Brights is one of my favorite palettes by anyone, and I like several of their other palettes. Viseart has sales a few times a year, so keep an eye out. Beautylish also carries the brand. 

  • Melt Cosmetics - my experience with product quality has been hit or miss, but the brand’s worth considering and they’ve got a large fan base for a reason. I like Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Eyeshadow Palette 0.58 oz / 16.47 g a lot, for instance. 

  • Terra Moons - now we’re getting more into small indie territory. If you’re a duo/multichrome fan, then consider trying some TM singles. They do also sell palettes but I don’t own one (yet). Instead, I’ve been buying single shadows, especially during their sales. 

  • Clionadh - another indie brand that’s famous for duo/multichrome shadows. Their shadow formula’s softer (less densely packed) than Terra Moons’s, so bear that in mind. They’re probably best known for their “stained glass” shadows, which are gorgeous and very color shifty. 


Do you already have an eyeshadow primer? That can help boost pigmentation of some shadows, plus give your shadows a smooth and/or grippy base to sit on so they won’t fade, bleed, or transfer around. My favorite shadow primer was reformulated (Smashbox’s old 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer), so I’ve been looking for a worthy replacement. So far, I’ve liked MAC Prep + Prime 24 Hour Eye Base. 

Re: New to this not true to this

@pringels, mostly confirming @WinglessOne choices, especially Juvia's Place, Uoma Beauty and Pat McGrath.


Also, I think Melt - pass on full price, wait for a sale which occurs often.  I have one of their stacks.  The stack is excellent and 4-20 is meh.  4-20 takes some work for me, but I got it less than half price.



Older Urban Decay palettes, if you can find them on a reseller site.  UD Honey, UD Beached, UD Naked Smoky, Vice XX and the Gwen Stefani collab were pretty decent and never dusty looking for me.  Born to Run is one of their best, but I never owned it, only had makeovers with it and it had everything.


Adding Mented Cosmetics, they should be relaunching this summer according to their website.


Uoma By Sharon C - there are still some of these floating around, it was a branch off of Uoma Beauty.  Their quads pack a punch!  I think you can find some at CVS.


Haven't tried yet, but BlkOpl, this is another brand from the founders of Fashion Fair

Re: New to this not true to this

@danielledanielle @pringels  Ah, I forgot about UOMA by Sharon C. Walmart might also still carry some of those products. 


I also forgot Coloured Raine. 🤦‍♀️ They’ve got some pigmented palettes. I still have most of their Vivids single-pan shadows, which are now available in a palette. 

Re: New to this not true to this

Danessa Myricks

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