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Fenty Concealers

So I love the creaminess of her concealers. Butttt does anyone else notice creasing under their eyes 😫 I use eye creams to help but woah. I don’t wanna try a new concealer cause I love the formula and color choices of the Fenty concealer

Re: Fenty Concealers

Although I love the Fenty foundation, I'm not a fan of thur concealer or powders. No matter holde much or little I used, I looked as if my under eye aged +10 years. I prefer the Uoma concealer. It hasn't let me down yet and I've worn it 19.5 hours in 80%+ humidity and 82°F temps.IMG_20190818_232120_303.jpgUoma Concealer w/ Beauty Bakerie Flour Powder


RE: Fenty Concealers

i really love this concealer as well! the color is like no other. i don’t have to mix it w. anything else and it doesn’t look grey under my eye either. however, i do hear you on the creasing part. i just use a really hydrating eye cream. i love the Kiehl’s creamy avocado eye cream. so rich in hydration and perfect for that concealer. and i DON’T set it with powder either. i just let it self set.

Fenty Concealers

I'm a huge fan of the OG foundation, but not the concealer. I tried different ways of applying it, asked for help here...I ended up taking it back. I feel like it settles into the skin and ages you in a way. I much prefer NARS Radiant (as stated), Jouer's and ELF's camo concealer. The latter two dry down a different color than what is in the tube, so in person swatching is a must.

Re: Fenty Concealers

@blackhottie123  First, I have to say this: Fenty Pro Filt’r concealer creases because ALL concealers crease. ALL of them. Every single one. 


I don’t care how much any brand claim their concealer is “creaseless.” If you have any lines under your eyes, or you make any facial expressions throughout the day that cause your undereye skin to stretch/move—like smiling—then your concealer will probably crease. I’ve tried concealers by Fenty, NARS, Becca, MAC, Urban Decay, Tarte, Jouer, MUFE, Charlotte Tilbury, BareMinerals, Lancôme, Glossier, ColourPop, and others I’m forgetting right now. None of them are crease-proof. Some crease much worse than others, but none are truly creaseless. 


Since my undereye skin is very dry with both fine and deeper lines, and my tear troughs (the only place I usually wear concealer) are textured, I have to “over-moisturize” my undereyes before applying concealer. I tap a little water under my eyes to make that skin damp, apply my eye moisturizer, wait a couple minutes for it to soak in, then apply a second layer of moisturizer. If that skin still seems too dry 2 minutes later, I apply a third and maybe even a fourth layer. Sometimes I alternate a facial oil and cream moisturizer as layers. Then I use Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen all around my eyes (it acts as a primer, requires minimal blending in, and doesn’t irritate my eyes). Sometimes I add Smashbox Under Eye Primer to help with skin texture. Then I apply concealer. I set with powders formulated for dry skin, like By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder (my absolute favorite) or the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush powder. I use a teeny tiny amount of powder; i don’t bake. 

I’m sure some folks out there have zero creasing issues ever with concealer and hey, that’s fantastic for them! But creasing is a very common complaint I see and hear about concealers, so I like to remind folks not to rely on a brand’s “creaseless” claims and, instead, amp up their skincare (and/or add a primer to the mix) to help avoid the issue. 

Next: I had a very hard time finding a good Fenty concealer color match. Smiley Sad My perfect match is NARS Radiant Creamy in the shade Amande. Lately I’ve been using BECCA - Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer in Cinnamon which is close to Amande but slightly orange. It’s a thicker formula than Radiant Creamy and gives me full coverage. It contains honey which normally makes my skin angry and very dry, but so far my skin’s fine with it. And it plays nicer with my textured skin than Radiant Creamy. I might try a lighter shade with the same undertone to use during the winter. Again, this Becca concealer’s not creaseless, but it performs very well for hours atop my skincare routine. 


I still love NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer but it’s nice to have another option. 

RE: Re: Fenty Concealers

I’m amande in nars as well and use Fenty 410! I recommend trying 410 or 420 in the concealer. I love her formula so much and will just be faithful with applying those eye creams. I do believe your remark in all concealers crease but I think they all have their degree to what they crease to...the mac one was a major no no for me

Re: RE: Re: Fenty Concealers

@blackhottie123  See if my “over-moisturize” technique (applying multiple layers of eye cream to damp skin) helps. Smiley Happy I understand not wanting to give up a product you love. I really liked the Too Faced Born This Way concealer, but it caused a bad skin reaction—not terrible, but enough little bumps to make me stop using it. At least the Fenty concealer’s not doing that to you; creasing is better than a bad reaction. I hope you’re able to get it to work better for you! 

RE: Fenty Concealers

I haven’t played with her actual concealers yet, but I do know I hate her matchsticks 😂 Concealer wise, NARS, Urban Decay, and Too Faced have never failed me.
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