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wrong shipping address: Canadian Order! HELP!?

Hi! After much deliberation, I put in an order. As soon as I clicked "place order" I saw it had my OLD shipping address! Thinking this would be an easy thing to modify because I just placed it, but it doesn't look like it? The customer service line is closed for another 6 hours. I'm panicking because I don't live there anymore and have NO idea who does, surely someone who will love keeping my $100 Sephora order! I've read through past answers and they mention contacting UPS once they order has shipped to change the address, however my order is going to Canada through Borderfree and then Canada Post so I don't think it's even going through UPS at all. Sick with worry Smiley Sad Does anyone know what I can do?

Re: wrong shipping address: Canadian Order! HELP!?

Hi Eislc Please give us a call at 1-877-SEPHORA as soon as you can so we can help.

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