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what does sent to warehouse mean?

i recently ordered something off of sephora. my order status is and has been sent to warehouse. what does that mean ???

Re: what does sent to warehouse mean?


i ordered something 3 times, and i never get a confirmation email and doesnt ever ship even though i phone called you guys and re wrote the address  because it had something wrong and still nothing cana u help me out


Hi Ashleighbella,    When your order status says "se...

Hi Ashleighbella, 


When your order status says "sent to warehouse" it means that the order is currently processing at our warehouse and being completed before it it picked up by UPS or USPS and shipped out to your delivery address. Smiley HappyEvery order placed on is subject to a 1-2 business day processing time. I will send you a private message with some more helpful information. 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Hi Ashleighbella,    When your order status says "se...

Disregard. I still don't know if my order has been packaged up or not, but I contacted Sephora in 2 other ways and both confirmed that the Dior set is supposedly in my order. I do wish out of stock items would not show up as out of stock in the order history. That is very confusing! Maybe Sephora's online tech team can find a way to change that. I understand the item showing up as 'out of stock' if I try to place a new order, just not when it is in my 'cart' where I have already checked out and am just checking my order status. It would also save you guys from answering questions from obsessed, crazy customers like me, lol!

Re: Hi Ashleighbella,    When your order status says "se...

So, if the status is 'sent to warehouse,' then this means it has not been packaged yet??? I am asking because I ordered the recent Dior promotion and when I checked out it was still available. About 6 hours after I placed my order, Sephora's facebook page put out the notice that the Dior promotion was out of stock. I would *not* have placed my order when I did if I could not have gotten the Dior set. Now, when I check in on my order status, it says 'sent to warehouse' and the Dior in my cart says 'permanently out of stock.' I am shocked! This is the first sour note I have had with Sephora, but in my book, it is a biggie! If I check out with something, it should be 'reserved' for me so that I am assured I will get it. I called Sephora's customer service number and he said it was in my package. But based on what I am seeing here, I am still worried. Maybe he had more detailed information that my order was further along in processing, but not yet shipped? I hope so. If I am not getting the Dior set, I want to cancel my order and place it again at a later date. My order number is 2030589680, if anyone out there can help. I would appreciate it. Getting what I expect to receive is a really big deal for me. It isn't like this is a simple, everyday sample where I know I will sometimes get substitutions. If I don't get the Dior, it is tantamount to a bait and switch in my book since that is what convinced me to place the order when I did.
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