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tracking order

Is there any way to track our order before it arrives at the BorderFree facility? I understand we will receive a new tracking number once it has been processed there. Just wondering if there is a way to determine if this process is underway or not

Re: tracking order

Hi Rache23el  If you copy and paste the UPS tracking number here > it will tell you whether your order has arrived at our border facility.  Once it has, it typically takes 3-5 business days to process and ship with Canada Post.

Re: tracking order

Thank you so much for the link. Another quick question.. generally, do all items ordered ship together at the same time as one package or can some items come separately?

Re: tracking order

Unless it is a large order and must be split up, the items will all be shipped in the same box. 

Re: tracking order

Just wondering, i tracked my number on and it has arrived at boarderfree , how long till i get a canada post tracking number? :-) (and sorry for barging in on this post) 

Re: tracking order

@Tama1924 It can take 3-5 business days. You should get an email shortly after it ships.

Re: tracking order

Thanks :-) 

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