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starting wearing makeup

Hi, i'm diamond and i'm 16 years of age .I recently started thinking about getting more into makeup and start getting more on the girly side of me,i mean i am a little girly but i just need a little more help becoming fully girly. I just have one question. i was wondering how would i go about start wearing makeup and maybe even starting my own makeup collection?

Re: starting wearing makeup

Hi Diamond! My first advice to you is to not wear more make-up than you have to for everyday (of course, special occasions are sometimes a different story!) I would start off geared towards finding not only make-up products that work for you, but also skincare. The better your skin is, the better your make up will look. 


I suggest figuring out what your skin type is; we usually categorize by oily, combination, normal, or dry. To start determining this, just pay attention to how your complexion changes throughout the day. Does it get oily, does it feel tight and dry, or does it actually feel perfectly hydrated when the weather isn't extremely hot or cold? Do you have any acne/acne scarring/other skin conditions, such as rosacea, that might be irritated by certain products?  I know being sixteen can be a tricky time complexion-wise for some people (it certainly was for me!), so knowing how your skin is will definitely help you find products geared towards your needs.


Personally, the way I got into make-up was by focusing on one type of beauty product at a time. My first love was nail polishes, then eyeshadows, then I went through the whole gamut of lipsticks/glosses, mascaras, then complexion (foundation/bb creams) products. You could either take this approach or try to pick out one of each product to try all together for a new look. 


You can ask yourself some questions, such as which of your features do you like the best and want to further enhance, and which features do you want to work on improving? Once you've got a little more information to work with and start forming some preferences, you can let us know and I'm sure lots of Beauty Insiders here would love to recommend some products to you! Also, I'm not going to assume what your budget is, but if you need to stay within a certain price range (as I know I definitely did when I was sixteen), then you can also mention that so we can take it into consideration when making suggestions.


Good luck!

Re: starting wearing makeup

My best advice is, if you arent used to wearing makup, and dont know where to start, is to start wearing makeup gradually- start natural looking, and then get more bold as you feel comfortable.


For example, I never felt comfortable wearing bright colored lipstick when I first started wearing makeup. So what I did was bought light/sheer natural colors, and slowly worked my way up getting more pigmented and brighter colors.


This will help you get more comfortable wearing makeup, and hopefully youll feel like YOURE wearing the makeup, and the makeup isnt wearing you Smiley Happy

Re: starting wearing makeup

Start finding products that you like. This depends on what look you're going for. Start a collection gradually - don't buy everything at once. Message me if you wanna know more Smiley Happy

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