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sephora credit cards are a scam but here's how to fix that

hi! i opened up a sephora credit card around the 15th of last month, june 2023, and my card still hasn't come in the mail. obviously i was freaking out about this because i'm a college student and don't want to ruin my credit before i even graduate school, but i was able to pay off my card through the phone and cancel it without any penalities or fees. hopefully anyone in a similar situation finds this helpful because sephora has terrible customer service and this credit card is 100% a scam trapping people into debt.


first thing you need to do is pay off the credit card, i called (866) 702-9946 and paid off the entirety of my balance, which i suggest you do as well because trust me you want to get this done as soon as possible to avoid any fees. in about 1-2 business days, check your bank account to ensure the balance was paid off. if it was, call (866) 702-9946 again and ask for a customer service representative. once you get someone on the line, once again, make sure your balance was paid off and that you have no fees. if all is well, ask to cancel the card.


sephora truly needs to do better, they have a large customer base and it's incredibly irresponsible of them to leave their customers in the dirt because they have no knowledge or control over the credit cards they persuade customers into opening. please avoid these cards if you can, if you don't believe me check the countless posts across different social media platforms of people talking about their horrible experiences with this cursed card. 

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