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missing purchase history, points, and VIB status?

the other day i went into a sephora location to pick up a product and while at the register, i asked the girl ringing me up if i could get a physical beauty insider card as i had already signed up online. she happily did so (after registering the product as a return because she first misunderstood what i was asking and simply charged the points to my account without giving me a card to use in the future and i guess had to recharge me after refunding me. no problem though!) and gave me a card.


now, yesterday evening i made a rather large purchase and i gave the person at the register my newly-obtained beauty insider card. but she said that apparently there was absolutely no information on the card! however, she got my email address and put the information onto the card, i assume. today, though, i looked at my account and saw that my purchase was absent, my points were not added, and i had not been registered as a VIB (i purchased enough to become a VIB).


i understand that the VIB status can take a couple of business days to update but i was wondering if anyone can help me out with my account! i'm not sure if it's a matter of connecting accounts or what but i would appreciate any help. sorry about the long mess of words and thank you in advance!

Re: missing purchase history, points, and VIB status?

Hi Sautoir I will be happy to take a look at your account and will send you a message with more info Smiley Happy

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